Muladhara- 1st Chakra (Base)

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First Chakra

The first chakra is located at the base of the spine, it is said that the Kundalini serpent (Shakti) lies coiled there waiting to be released and Merged with Shiva in the crown center. The color of this base energy center is red and its orientation is that of survival. It is the animal instinct which lies within all of us that urges us to survive.

People that do not have enough flow of energy through this chakra do not feel as though they are secure in the world, there daily life is a battle just to stay above water and they are typically on edge.

This center has to due with elimination, when energy flows freely through this center one is able to release, and let go, of that which could slow them down.

Benefits of a Balanced First Chakra

  • Sense of groundedness
  • Security
  • A stable base from which to move forward

The 1st chakra is ever so important because it allows us to feel connected to the earth. It is the first chakra that tells us to walk bare foot on the beach, it is the first charkra that tells us nature is a beautiful thing. And it is the 1st chakra that helps those more spiritually inclined to keep their feet on the ground as their head dances in the clouds.

6 Responses

  1. alex Says:


    The root chakra is said to contain four leaves, what do the stand for?? Do you know someplace where this kinda of information is listed???



  2. hershel Says:

    Hello Alex,

    hmm that’s a great question, I am not familiar with the leaves. I suspect you are referring to petals of the chakra, however, I am not versed in the meaning of each of those petals.

    Please let me know back here if you are able to find some info on them?


  3. Taluza Says:

    Wilkipedia describes all the chakras: check it out:

  4. hershel Says:

    Thanks much for the note Taluza, yes I am a fan of the wikipedia. It is a valuable resource, though sometimes due to the nature of the communitity a misrepresentation of information can occur. My perspective is to always pass that information through your intuition to see if it ressonates with you.

  5. Cody Says:

    I’ve found that when I meditate that starting with my muladhara chakra and working my way up helps, and is easiest, but is it safe and correct?


  6. hershel Says:

    Greetings Cody,

    I do believe this is an appropriate means for you to meditate. Starting at the base helps ground us to the Earth plane, this is important for providing a base to expand from. After all, no matter where we are able to travel to, we are currently working on the Earth plane.

    I do believe it is safe.

    If you have additional safety questions, I tend to suggest finding a teacher able to help guide you through your journey.

    Sat Nam

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