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Yogi Hersh

I began my yoga practice back in 2004. At that time in my life something was missing, something more than the usual speed of life. I had such a hole in my life that it manifested as a phisical ailment and I was forced to go into the hospital for testing on my stomach. Nothing was medically wrong with me. What was wrong was my connection to that greater source of purpose and understanding. For some time I had been thinking,”Hershel, there is no way you can see yourself lifting weights through your 80′s, maybe you should try Yoga”

Then while visiting with my friends Jason and Sarah I was fortunate enough for Sarah to provide a Reiki healing session on me. It turns out I had a blockage of energy in my 5th chakra, my center of communication. Throught the reiki session a miraculous event occured. When Sarah located the stuck energy, she concentrated really hard…

All of the sudden an emense wave of energy, kundalini, shot up from the base of my spine and out through my throat center. It was an experience I shall never forget. I thought to myself,

“Perhaps I should learn more about these things called Chrkras”

In my studies I actually found a Yoga that focused on the Chakras, Kundalini Yoga. It was divine free will at its greatest. Since then I practice kundaliniy yoga nearly every day.

My first instructor was Courtney Ofetdahl. In time I began to realize that I could help fulfill my soul purpose by helping others to find their path through Yoga. And so I worked with Courtenay’s instructor, Lisa Lawrence on training for instruction. I am still in training with one of the finest Kundalini Yoga instructors. Lisa received her yoga instruction through Ravi Singh.

I am fortunate to have come to Yoga and to be surrounded with such brilliant lights upon the planet. As I continue my studies in Yoga and in the Charkras, those seven supplemental centers of energy I hope to share my experiences so that they may gain the benefits that Kundalini Yoga has provided me.

I am a Level II Reiki Practicioner, and recieved my attunement via Ester Turner. Ester Turner has also been my teacher in, Light Body Meditation course work. By integrating reiki and my meditations into my yoga practice I have been able to become more in tune with my own chakra system. This has allowed for a deeper understanding of self, which in turns allows for a deeper understanding of the Whole.
Sat Nam.

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