Manipura- 3rd Chakra (Power Center)

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Third Chakra- Manipura (Personal Power)

The 3rd Chakra is located in the belly. It is the seat of ones personal power. It directly affects ones ability to project their will into manifestation. This center is one that is constantly challenged in humanity . The majority of people are constantly having their power chakras challenged weather it be at work, in our relationships, or simply within ourselves. Power struggles are contsant in our daily grind. An under active third chakra can lead to a true feeling of powerlessness. An over active 3rd center can be just as detrimental as an under active one and may result in the over powering of others, typically for selfish desire.
The root of this problem stems from not transfering the energy of the 3rd center up through the heart center. The power that stems from the third chakra, balanced in love will lead humanity to a grand state of peace and well being.

The 3rd center is commonly associated with the “core” balancing activities that many aerobics focus on. The focus on this core, or power center, allows people to feel in control of their own destiny. As it is located in the belly it is also tied into the digestive system. When we are stressed we tend to get indigestion, which is merely a symptom of an unbalanced 3rd chakra.
This energy center is typically associated with the color Yellow, or Gold.

Benefits of a Balanced 3rd Chakra

  • Properly porportioned sense of self
  • Ability to influence/change ones surrounding environment
  • Strong digestive system
  • Core stability

As the power center this chakra helps to regulate the flow of energy to the other centers. By clearing this chakra of imbalances we can operate powerfully in our environment. This leads to an improved sense of self, and self esteem, which in turns increases our ability to help others.

Kundalini Yoga – A Journey through the Chakras

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  1. John Abreu Says:

    How do you recover from an under active third chakra?

  2. hershel Says:

    Hello John,

    Good question, so many folks these days have an under active third chakra. The first thing to do is to get started. This may not be the most favorite advice for some, but the 3rd chakra has to do with your stomach and back muscles.

    Leg Lifts are an excellent means of working your 3rd chakra. Start with single leg lifts, then move into double leg lifts.

    Bridge pose is another good way to work the 3rd chakra.

    If yoga is not your thing, sit up or crunches can help as well

    I’ll be sure to include some more in depth exercises over time, but for now this is a great way to get started :-)

    I would suggest picking up a Kundalini Yoga book that has 3rd chakra kriyas in it.

    Sat Nam

  3. taRAMA RAJAH Says:

    how does in influence works in 3rd chakras?how we know the 3rd chakras is working?

  4. hershel Says:

    Hmm, interesting questions, hopefully I am following correctly. Again this is simply my interpretation of learnings. I suspect that influence can have an effect from one individual’s third chakra to another. For example, when one is speaking influencially via their 5th chakra their 3rd center is also being utilized. Those listening to the message may have an interaction with their third chakra as well, especially if the message is not aligned with their way of thinking. Influence is less of an aggressive attack on some ones personal power, so while it can be felt in the third center, it is not necessarily blunt.

    The best way to know if your third chakra is working is to expand your awareness to the subtle. Kundalini Yoga is an excellent means to achieve this as well as meditation.

  5. Crystal Says:

    Recently while meditating a sudden energy burst will start from the base of my spine and swoosh up until it painfully gets blocked in the right side of my back (fairly close to the spine) in the third chakra zone. Besides light massage and addressing some low self-esteem issues, what can be done to heal the third chakra blockage and associated muscle pains in the region? Also, what can be expected in terms of pain and the healing process? Thank you. Namaste

  6. hershel Says:

    Hello Crystal,

    At this time I am not sure if I may speak well to the painful blockage in your right side.

    However, I can speak to 3rd chakra work in general. Again stomach and back targeting kriyas will prove most beneficial for you.

    Another means to help work your back area, is true to your name, Crystal healing via a wand can be beneficial for moving the flow of energy through your system. Make sure you work with an experienced practicioner.

    A reiki treatment can help with flow as well.

    Stay tuned to this site, once I have some more building blocks in place I will provide further illustrations on how to support flow in your 3rd chakra. If you have work in your back to be done I may suggest doing a modified bridge pose. Hands clasped in Venus lock for support, i’ll provide an example in time.

    be well

  7. Blanky Says:

    just wondered if there were any recipes or anything liike that that can improve the 3rd chakra wha with it being realted to digestion

  8. hershel Says:

    now that’s an excellent question, I know in the back of the book the Kundalini Yoga Experience they have several yogic recipes for consumption. For one a vegitarian diet is strongly recommended. I personally have found eatying no meat to be challenging, however, as my energetic system changes and evolves I have noticed a greater difficulty in processing meat. Again, vegitarian diets are recommended for digestive purposes.

  9. Jake Carney Says:

    I have searched in different books to work with the 3rd chakra but I have not been successful. I have had lower back pain and can’t relieve it for several months. Please guide me to recovery through the chakra work. Thank you, Jake Carney

  10. hershel Says:

    Greetings Jake, I am not sure I am in a situation to guide you remotely through this process. However, I would suggest checking out The Kundalini Yoga Experience as a resource for chakra information. It’s really just the tip of the ice burg through, I am just about to dig into Your Life is in Your Chakras and am very excited about it.

    As for lower back pain, might I suggest you find a yoga instructor in your area. There is a rather lovely modified bridge pose one can do to help build strength in that area.

    If you are looking for additional healing, might I suggest a Reiki session. Keep in mind that the 3rd chakra has everything to do with personal power, so perhaps there are some life circumstances you may be dealing with that require proper attention.

    be well

  11. SHAURYA Taran Says:


    I was very interested in the material I read on this site. I have been diagnosed with a disease called ulcerative colitis, in which the intestines become fragile and bleed easily. I am taking medications to suppress the bleeding, but I am positive this is due to an imbalance in my third chakra. What can I do in terms of yoga to heal this problem and unblock my third chakra?

  12. hershel Says:

    Hi there,

    I am really not in a position to provide feedback on a condition like this. I suggest sticking to your doc’s recommendations.

    Perhaps ask them if integration of a yoga practice is safe. If so, find a local Yoga instructor and see if they can provide support.

    I find yoga to best work as preventative maintenance.

    May you find your path to support your hearling ~

    Sat Nam

  13. ghazal Says:

    what do you suggest for abdominal bloathing & gas?

  14. hershel Says:

    ahh yes, that problem, first and foremost I would focus on a healthy diet. I would suggest a call or visit to, my friend Suzanne is a certified nutritional consultant.

    To supplement a healthy diet I would recommend purchasing a Kundalini Yoga book and performing some of the 3rd chakra poses.

  15. kasha Says:

    AT times I feel the third chakra like an empty hole in my being other times I feel all my emotional being is located within the third chakra. HOw can I protect myself from being energetically drained in this area or attacked because of violent surroundings.

  16. hershel Says:

    Sorry to hear of your challenges,

    They are challenges for they can be overcome.

    Proper guidance on 3rd chakra balancing may benefit yoy, but you would need to find someone local to support you through this.

    Emotions tend to get stuck throughout the body, a blockage in your 3rd center could build up an emotional charge with a sense of powerlessness.

    There is a great Kundalini Yoga kriya/set called Master Your Domain, I find this very empowering!

    May you fair well in your endeavor~

  17. maya Says:

    Ever since I had my daughter – now 5 years ago – I have had a recurring nightmare and it is that a man (always) puts his finger or fist into my belly button and pushes really hard. I HATE that – in real life and especially in my nightmares. I absolutely go through the roof when someone even gets near my bellybutton.
    the other night I had the same nightmare (after it actually had been gone for months) but this time it was my husband. I killed him in my dream.
    (I realize this was nothing against my husband.)

    But I am puzzled and fed up with this recurring nightmare.
    Should I try kundalini breathing techniques for starters? Have you ever heard of anyone with this same problem?

  18. hershel Says:

    Hello Maya,

    This is an interesting thing you are describing. Events on the astral plane, (dreams) can manifest in the physical, which could be why you don’t like people to go near your belly button.

    I’ve found in the past that the best thing to kick a recurring dream is to face the dreams head on. What is it that this person is trying to achieve by poking your power center? How can you transition that into your own personal power.

    There is a lovely set, which I enjoy recommending, called Master Your Domain, by all means find a Kundalini Yoga instructor near you, purchase a Kundalini Yoga book and practice kriyas for your power center.

    It can only assist with you confronting your dream.


  19. Daniel Says:

    I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100% regarding Chakras Balancing, Chakra Healing Resource, but it’s just my opinion, which could be wrong :)

  20. hershel Says:

    On this site I endeavor to present information that relates to Kundalini Yoga and Chakra Balancing. Now I don’t suspect that 100% of the info is 100% on topic, but hey, we try.

    I am open to feedback, what would you suggest??

  21. Jiraiya Says:

    man i need chakra and i don’t know how to activate i need chakra like narto,s search ingoogle u will able to find or in for vidoes
    please help me

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