Anahata- 4th Chakra (Heart Center)

7:01 pm 4th Chakra- Heart Center, Chakras

Fourth Chakra- Anahata (Heart Center)

The 4th chakra lies between the shoulder blades slightly higher than the physical heart.

The focus of the heart center is non other than love and balance. It is from within the heart center that the Lord of Love shines forth in all of us. The heart center plays an important role in the balancing of the chakra system. In order to achieve a proper balance and flow of energy through the chakras, that energy must be integrated across the heart center. The blending of the higher and lower centers, (though each equally important) must be acheived across the heart center.

One means of achieving balance across the charka system is to take an inventory of what centers are out of balance. See to it that as you work on balancing each of those centers that you even out the balancing across the heart center. If weeek 1 you work on your 1st Chakra, and your 7th Chakra is out of balance as well, then try working on your 7th Chakra the next week. As you work with these energy centers you will find that the blockages move as your life moves. I speak only from my own personal experience in working with these centers over the past couple of years, (in this life time.)

When a person is blocked in the Heart Center it may manifest as a lack of abilty to give freely, or a lack of resources. The Heart Center tends to be an area that humanity requires the most healing in, who hasn’t been hurt by a loving relationship in the past. An ironic twist is that the Heart Center is also the primary center from which healing flows.
The color of the fourth chakra, is green. Green the color of abundance and good fortune. Pink is another potential color for this center, which represents a balancing of the White Light from above with the Red of the 1st Chakra.

Benefits of a Balanced Fourth Chakra

  • Love
  • Ability to give freely to others
  • Abundance
  • Healing for ones self and others
  • Integration of the higher and lower energy centers

Meditation from the Heart Center is an excellent means of polling our higher selves for what is right. If you hear your heart speak it to you then follow it. I have been working on allowing my heart to guide me for sometime, which is challenging considering my head likes to think it controls things ;-) The path may not be the one most easily taken, but listening to and operating from the heart center will help you to achieve your purpose.
The Heart Center represents Love. What a fantastic quailty to work on balancing :-)

Sat Nam


10 Responses

  1. Martin Says:

    I enjoyed the artical on the 4th chakra. I was looking for an artical on balancing chakras. Do you know of such an artical. I recall reading on a couple of years ago but don’t remember if it was in a book or on the net. Thank you.

  2. hershel Says:

    Thanks for the feedback Martin, very much so appreciated. Be sure to stay tuned to this site, once I get through the 7 chakras, I will be providing some tips on how to balance specific ones. I recommend a book purchase actually- The Kundalini Yoga Experience- has some great insight on how to go about balancing the chakras.

    Do you have a specific center you are trying to work with?

    I can provide a suggestion

  3. Asta Olafsdottir Says:

    My name is Asta and I´m looking for somone or some place where I can find an answer to my question. So far with no result. I have two pictures taken of my aura and they both show the forth chakra like a sun. I´m not sure what it´s called, rays maybe, comming out of the chakra in all directions. lika a sun. What does that mean?

  4. hershel Says:

    WOW, that is a very cool aura photograph. I am not in a position to tell you exactly what it means, but here is my interpretation.

    Your heart center radiates.

    Pure and simple. I would also suspect that your intution is serving you well and that you would find additional useful information with some research into Rays. I’ve seen it written that there are 7 Rays, and that each one corresponds to a chakra. perhaps some research into the 4th chakra ray would be of value to you???

    Please stop back here after and let me know what you learn :-)

  5. La Vonne Says:

    To anyone concerned, I wanted to share a CD I purchased a few months ago.It’s called Chakra Breathing Meditations by Layne Redmond.She takes you through a seated breathing exercise where you work up to a full yogic breath and then you stand up and march gently in place. She has you do the full yogic breath while guiding you to open and activate each chakra all to the sound of her drumming. I think it is excellent and very fun to do!

  6. hershel Says:

    Hey thanks for sharing La Vonne!

  7. H Says:

    Great comments, thank you for posting. Do you have any suggestions for clearing your 2nd chakra?
    Rock the chakras!

  8. Krishan Says:

    There is a category on this site that talks about the 2nd chakra.

    My best advice for helping clear blocks in the chakras is to sign up for a locat Kundalini Yoga class.

    The group energy is fantastic, and the experienced from a certified instructor is a must.

  9. blogga Says:

    You have to be carefull when opening chakras – Heart chakra opening can bring a lot of sadness

    Moderation is needed to achieve succes in this journey

  10. Krishan Says:

    That’s an interesting perspective, perhaps it’s best to say balancing the heart center, as opposed to opening. Balancing it within ones flow.

    It’s not uncommon for things to come up when we are working on ourselves, as you note work in moderation and move with the energy.

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