Vishuddha- 5th Chakra (Communication Center)

7:43 pm 5th Chakra- Communication, Chakras

Fifth Chakra- Vishuddha (Communication Center)

The 5th chakra is the center of communcation and is appropriately positioned within the throat. It is from the throat center that we are able to express ourselves properly in the world. The throat center can also be said to be a center of truth. By operating from a balanced 5th chakra we are able to speak the truth and articulate our intentions well.

Many of the inter relationship challenges that humans face has to do with a miss-communication, or a non-optimal flow of energy through the 5th charka. When the throat center is out of balance it can manifest as impure words, or false statements. An overactive communication center can lead to the need to constantly express oneself even if the timing is not appropriate.

Communication is so important for us to progress as a group of people together.

One thing to keep in mind is that in order to properly express ourselves through our 5th center we must be able to integrate the impressions given by the rest of our chakras and with balance express them via the 5th chakra. Since the act of communication is actually our creative ability to interact with one another, a properly balanced 5th chakra will help to facilitate the creativity brought forth from the second chakra.

Benefits of a Balanced 5th Chakra

  • Expression of the truth, ones words hold weight with others
  • A creative outlet via communication, spoken, written or otherwise
  • Confidence in the ability to express oneself
  • Access to the Etheric communication

In our society it seems as though one is always struggling to get their voice heard. When one has balance in the 5th center, an interesting coincidence is that one may find that their need to communicate with frequency reduces, but the power of their word increases.

If we can collectively improve our 5th chakras we can collectively improve the relations between one another, brother to brother, individual to individual, group to group, country to country. May it be so.

Sat Nam


5 Responses

  1. manjunath Says:

    how to practice kudalini yoga that to individual chakra

  2. Wayne Oakley Says:

    What poses/exercises may be helpfull for Hypothyroidism?

  3. hershel Says:

    Greetings Wayne, you will find that poses that focus on the throat chakra, or neck area may help with hypothyroidism.

    If you pick up a book on Kundalini Yoga and flip to the section that has the poses just look for the 5th chakra section. Be well

  4. La Vonne Says:

    What color is the 5th Chakra?

  5. hershel Says:


    It’s typically associated with the color blue.

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