A Thorn in One’s Yoga Practice

11:41 am Krishan Singh

What does a thorn in one’s yoga practice mean to you?

To me it represents a symbol of the things that get in the way of staying true to our practice. Often times a little thing called life can so easily get in the way of keeping up with our practice. I’ve been guilty of it before, something comes up and you simply can’t do your morning Kriyas.

You go on vacation and decide to hold off on practice, you have a deadline on a proposal to make and decide to stay up all night, thus exhausting yourself the following morning.

So many things can get in the way of impeeding our yoga practice. This is a natural occurance, what is important is how you deal with those things and how you keep on top of your yoga.

I began my teacher training program late last year. I have not been able to complete my training because I had a thorn in my hand for the past 8 months, okay kind of crazy I know but I didn’t realize I had a thorn in my hand till recently.

Thorn in Hand

Now this thron, which was about an inch in size did keep me from continuing with my teacher training program, but it did not hinder my practice. I continued to practice yoga almost daily at home. Now that this thorn has been removed from my hand I am ready to continue to follow my path to teach and inspire others.

Kundalini Yoga is a yoga that fits into ones busy lifestyle and allows you to excel in your daily life. Practice is not a thing to be sacrificed. Practice is sacred, and must be endured if it is to help transform your life.

The thorn in my yoga practice, (teacher practice really) has been removed.

What can you do to remove the thorn from your yoga practice???

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