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Define: Kundalini

Kundalini is defined as a lock of hair, of the beloved.  It is said that the Kundalini lies dormant at the base of the spine (1st chakra.)  This represents the feminine aspect of the divine, or shakti.

Through spiritual practice and Kundalini Yoga the dormant Kundalini energy is invited to flow up from the base of the spine, along the chakras, up to the crown chakra, where the feminine aspect is united with Shiva, the masculine aspect of the divine.  Thus polarity is achieved and balance across the centers is attained.

Kundalini energy is strongly associated with fire and heat.  Given that it travels along an energetic path, some would also liken it to electricity.

All definitions here are based on my understanding, learning and reading of Kundalini and other Yoga related texts, classes and websites.

I invite the Kundalini Yoga experts in the community to ellaborate on what I have presented here, and thus further the learning experience for visitors.

15 Responses

  1. Raj Chanani Says:

    I like the summary.

  2. vinay bagga Says:

    does kundalini get awakened by a man complete / perfect in physical plane or a man becomes complete after it gets awakened

  3. hershel Says:

    Hello Vinay,

    I am not sure if I am able to speak to this 100%. I supose it all depends on ones perspective on things.

    My only suggestion would be to work towards it and discover the result for yourself.

  4. vinay bagga Says:

    thanks. i am on to it. but daily chores leaves body and mind tired to pursue it with force. i fear i have already wasted my precious years of this life, i want to move ahead fast. pray for me and for my growth

  5. hershel Says:

    Those daily chores are a part of the whole that is your being, they are important for the process as well. I too often look for moving ahead swiftly, its rather common that after so many life times of working torwards things one wants to achieve them swiftly. A key lesson I am learning in this incarnation is “right timing” Right timing can be within your current circumstances, as well as external forces of the universe, such as the alignment of the planetary energies and constellations.

    No need to move ahead fast, just at the appropriate pace.

    Sending good vibes to you ~ ~

  6. vinay bagga Says:

    thanka for sending good vibes, i shall continue to be on it and agree with your findings about right planetary etc…. i too have observed the same on some days related to moon movement. i shall be more particular on these days in future. just be in touch for my growth

  7. John Ketchersid Says:

    In all that I read I see the word of God. May it be put forth that indeed all that we experience encorporeal is but that which we have requested for the lessons. The learning is joyous when we are able to understand how we will be able to apply that which is learned. Leela is a fine study tool and can be shaped to make the lessons more enjoyable. It is but our beliefs that contort the game board. Like an angry child twisting the pasteboard of a chess set. It is when we are no longer angry that we understand the joy of the game and later we learn that we are in fact the ones who write the rules. Write rules that are more joyous for the one in which we exist.


  8. hershel Says:

    Greeting John, I am pickin up what you are throwing down. I am very much a fan of “Wite rules that are more joyous for the one in which we exist” I feel it has to do with manifesting and more appropriately a positive manifestation.

    You say Leela is a fine study tool. I am not familiar can you ellaborate or provide a resource on Leela?


  9. Yoga For Beginners Says:

    this helped me a lot, I will practice it next time. saving it to my favorites. keep up,

  10. vinay bagga Says:

    unless and until one leaves his conditioned habits he will not be able to make much headway towards god.one has to take every situation as a welcome step towards growth.as one does not use mind to his utmost capability, he tends to use it in jobs outside his direct responsibilities and wastes his energy.learn to harness and go in right direction

  11. hershel Says:

    interesting perspective Vinay

    It is said that we bring into our lives those situation which we require to advance.

    It seems you speak of wisdom to understand where energy and effort shall be placed for optimal growth.

    thank you for your participation here

  12. Joan Says:

    Like a baseball player plays with the bat and ball he played with his…

    Siddharta by Hermen Hessee

  13. hershel Says:

    i like this riddle

    okay, played with his what?

  14. Roy Says:

    You know this worked for me i think once or twice, the Kundalini that is. I dont understand the entire details of it but then who does.

  15. hershel Says:

    I am pleased to hear that, and more details become known, perhaps subtle, but known over time

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