Sahasrara- 7th Chakra (Crown- Thousand Petal Lotus)

1:14 pm 7th Chakra- Divine, Chakras

Seventh Chakra- Sahasrara- Crown

The 7th chakra is our connection to the divine. It has been called the thousand petal lotus by many. The seventh center is located at the top of ones head, where the soft spot is located on a baby. It is from this center that we are connected to our souls, and all souls, through the rainbow bridge.

The color of the seventh chakra is light purple, or violet. It is also closely associated with white, or divine, light from above.

Yoga, is a study of Union. It can be said that Kundalini Yoga focuses on the union and balance of the 1st chakra flowing up through the etheric system and merging in the crown chakra.

When the seventh chakra is blocked it impeeds the flow of divine light to flow through our being. It becomes challenging for us to aknowledge the divine within all forms, (Sat Nam, Namaste.) Our relationship with G.O.D is not centered. For those of you who science of prime importance, Generating Energy, Organizing Energy and Destroying/Delivering Energy.

Those with an overactive crown chakra that is not balanced across the heart center may be prone to being not of the world from time to time. Flighty, or aloof come to mind. One that is properly centered is able to operate in the world, but not be of the world.

Benefits of a balanced 7th Chakra

  • Connection with ones soul
  • Ability to realize soul purpose
  • Meditative prowless
  • Aknowledgement of the divine within all form
  • Close relationship with G.O.D.
  • Knowing and walking ones path

The crown chakra represents a location of great spiritual potential. But this is not the only focus of Yoga. All things must come to balance. While participating on the earth school the energies of the 7th center and the connection with the soul must merge with the rest of our being. And from this union peace may be known.

Sat Nam.

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