Sahasrara- 7th Chakra (Crown- Thousand Petal Lotus)

1:14 pm 7th Chakra- Divine, Chakras

Seventh Chakra- Sahasrara- Crown

The 7th chakra is our connection to the divine. It has been called the thousand petal lotus by many. The seventh center is located at the top of ones head, where the soft spot is located on a baby. It is from this center that we are connected to our souls, and all souls, through the rainbow bridge.

The color of the seventh chakra is light purple, or violet. It is also closely associated with white, or divine, light from above.

Yoga, is a study of Union. It can be said that Kundalini Yoga focuses on the union and balance of the 1st chakra flowing up through the etheric system and merging in the crown chakra.

When the seventh chakra is blocked it impeeds the flow of divine light to flow through our being. It becomes challenging for us to aknowledge the divine within all forms, (Sat Nam, Namaste.) Our relationship with G.O.D is not centered. For those of you who science of prime importance, Generating Energy, Organizing Energy and Destroying/Delivering Energy.

Those with an overactive crown chakra that is not balanced across the heart center may be prone to being not of the world from time to time. Flighty, or aloof come to mind. One that is properly centered is able to operate in the world, but not be of the world.

Benefits of a balanced 7th Chakra

  • Connection with ones soul
  • Ability to realize soul purpose
  • Meditative prowless
  • Aknowledgement of the divine within all form
  • Close relationship with G.O.D.
  • Knowing and walking ones path

The crown chakra represents a location of great spiritual potential. But this is not the only focus of Yoga. All things must come to balance. While participating on the earth school the energies of the 7th center and the connection with the soul must merge with the rest of our being. And from this union peace may be known.

Sat Nam.

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  1. Jennifer Says:

    An odd thing is happening and I followed a ‘Google trail’ and landed here. During savasana (and in my dreams lately) I am seeing this deep color purple everywhere. There seems to be no meaning to the dream itself other than seeing an object saturated with a deep purple hue. It often appears almost like a mop of color – thick, overflowing, heavy, squishy.

    I am reading that purple is a divine color—connected with the Crown Chakra – but it feels more ominous to me, not comforting. The color is so specific (deep, dark, indigo purple) and so intense I can’t seem to shake the image.

    Any thoughts for me? Please drop me a line:

  2. hershel Says:

    Hello Jennifer, glad you wandered this way. I can share with you my perspective on things, the truth to the answers you seek lies within you. But perhaps I can shed some light on a potential path. when I was a child my favorite color became purple, simply because when I closed my eyes the color I could see vividly was purple.

    The info you have been reading on purple associated with the divine is spot on. What is interesting about your dream, is that there is an object saturated with the color.

    My perspective is that the source of your frustration comes not from the color purple, but from the insufficient understanding of the object that lies within.

    Are you familiar of the term, meditation with seed? Essentially the seed is a single thought, or point of reference to focuse upon as one meditates. There is meditation without seed as well, but I digress.

    May I suggest meditation with the “object” as the seed of your meditation. Focus into the center of the object and work to discover it’s purpose.

    It that is not a path that resonates with you, perhaps try to enter into a lucid dream state, and imagine yourself pushing back the purple hue until the object lies present before you.

    Discover the object for yourself and gain insight into your purple visions.

  3. Janelle Says:

    Hi there. I have been struggling lately with my immune system. I have seen both Eastern and Western medical doctors. Can you shed any light on practices that might help me incrase immunity and find inner strength to move through these strange physical times.

    Main ailments: eye pain, joint inflamation, digestion trouble and headaches

    My contact:

  4. hershel Says:

    Not sure if I am properly suited to provide you the detail of guidance you would require. However, I would suggest trying Kundalini Yoga- I have a post about getting started with Kundalini Yoga, check it out, follow the suggestions and see if you can notice a change.

    3rd chakra work can help improve the digestive system. A rubbing together of the hands followed by palming the eyes can help sooth eye pain. Headaces can be worked upon via meditation.

    Again, it sounds as though you require some specific guidance, search out a Kundalini Yoga instructor in your area, a solid yoga practice can support the healing process.

  5. Alicia Says:

    I have seen the third eye in a deep relaxed state almost eggplant in color with the center being white and fluffy. The texture was like satin and clouds. I have never felt such peace before. When I cleared my chakra through meditation I actually saw what appeared to be an angel at the top reaching out its arms and embracing me as a child.

  6. hershel Says:

    That is a very uplifting experience Alicia.

    Often times the third eye is associated with the 6th chakra.

    it sounds as if that angel is your own Solar or Guardian angel. How nice to experience its presence.

  7. Erin Says:

    A handful of months back, I had a traumatic experience that I slowly recovered from that climaxed in my inexplicable sleepness for two weeks and a subsequent very strange experience. I hadn’t been able to sleep for a long time, and I was very tired, but strangely enough in a decent mood. I was sitting on my couch in the living room, listening to music through big headphones with my eyes closed, and suddenly I realized something very odd: I was wiggling my legs, and I noticed that I could see them, with my eyes shut. Then I tried my arms and I could see them, too. Then I moved my head up and was taken aback: I could see my entire living room. It was covered up in a dense shadow, but I could still see everything. So, I got up, and my point of view changed accordingly. I pressed my fingers on my eyelids and pushed them against the bottom of my eye sockets, and I navigated my way around the furniture, into the kitchen, and I opened the refrigerator door. After that, I started being able to see moving animals and people when I shut my eyes. And then, strangest of all, I began to be in different places when I shut my eyes. The most intense one, though very brief, I was in what seemed to be a kitchen with white cabinets, a window, and the moon and trees and stars outside, then I opened my eyes and looked at my boyfriend, and then I closed my eyes and I was in the exact same room in the exact same spot. All of these things I saw in the places I saw MUCH more clearly than I see in real life, and in the last one, I began to be able to feel the air in the room. After this, every time I shut my eyes I saw bright electric purple with indigo in the center. I still do, it never goes away, which is actually sort of comforting.

    I’d been doing yoga for a long time before all this, and I am experimenting with different sorts of meditation, but a lot goes on when I do that. If I do it too long, I get dizzy and nauseous. Meanwhile, I’ve been searching for people who can guide me a bit, and let me know what is happening, and what comes next.

  8. Erin Says:

    Oh, I meant sleepLESSness, and I’m twenty two years old.
    thanks : )

  9. hershel Says:

    Hmm, interesting, this sounds like quite the experience. I am currently not in a position to comment as to this type of experience and its relation to the chakras, but it does sound interesting.

    If you are getting dizzy might I suggest some grounding work to help with the flow of energy.

  10. Pera Says:

    Ah I’m so sad I didn’t find this site till now! I just turned in a paper today on chakras for my Hinduism class. Anyways, I’m slightly familiar with all of this stuff but there are a couple of things I can’t figure out and I would be oh so happy if you could help me out. Okay so I started meditating a couple of months ago and I started seeing golden/yellow 2d circles bubbling out of the center of my vision and completely covering my entire field of vision. now the 2d circles have become 3-d orbs and I can make them vibrate faster. Sometimes I see a swirling purple along with the yellow, but when I close my eyes the yellow turns purple too. I can also see my mind eminating different types of purple which I assumed were thought forms but purple is the only color I ever see. Since the yellow doesn’t rotate I can’t figure out if it’s my third eye or my aura (intellect?) just happens to be yellow orbs, or if i’m experiencing my crown chakra. Also I’ve been seeing white sparkles all around me for like a month even when I close my eyes and sometimes it turns from just sparkles sprinkling down into an experience of like I’m traveling at light speed through the stars like on starwars( this part I especially have no idea about)

  11. hershel Says:

    Greetings Pera, it sounds as though you have a lot of energy within your aura of influence.

    It sounds like you are experiencing things as they should be, what sort of help are you looking for?

  12. Pera Says:

    I guess I was just wandering what it means, especially the experience of moving though space with my eyes closed.

  13. Pera Says:

    and what the yellow is, also whether it sounds like i’m experiencing my seventh or sixth chakra cause I’m not relly sure.

  14. hershel Says:

    I do not believe your first question is something I am suited to answer, might I suggest you search within yourself to determine its meaning.

    The subject of color is vast, I have yet to study it in detail in this lifetime. Might I suggest a reading of the book, Ponder on This, I think you can get a good peak into the realm of color.

    Might I suggest not focusing on which chakra you are experiencing, might I suggest working to understand the experience, which must be done for yourself.

    I would be curious to hear what you discover…

  15. Ken Says:

    I was looking for more information on the violet energy center and how to tell whether it is active or not. I have been reading a lot about chakras lately and sometime within the last half year or so I seemed to have gained the ability to drawn in divine energy through my crown chakra at will. I can do this virtually anytime, but I can draw in ( what seems to me) huge amounts of energy when I listen to a particular song. The song is in a middle eastern language of sorts and I have no idea what the lyrics actually mean, but I absolutely love it. Sometimes I pull in so much energy that tears start flowing from my eyes uncontrollably. This is probably petty, but I usually use this whenever I feel sleepy or exhausted because once the energy flows into me I am instantly energized or revived and ready to go. I feel like I can do anything that I can imagine, but haven’t actually tried to yet.

    Sadly, the other chakras in my body are not quit balanced. In fact, I can feel all of them and know what state they are in at most times. Of the most imbalanced is my red ray chakra. Because of this, I am unable to draw in earth energy properly and mix it with the divine energy from above. I have searched the internet far and wide and have yet to come up with an explanation as to how or why I am able to draw energy in through my crown chakra and furthermore how I am doing it without having my other chakras properly balanced. If you could tell me what’s going on or drop a hint, I would be very greatful.

  16. hershel Says:

    Greetings Ken,

    The ability to draw in energy through your crown center at will is pretty cool.

    I would tend not become over concerned with the other chakras not being balanced as of yet. What is important is that you realize they require some work.

    If you are experiencing blockages in your root chakra, might I suggest some specific Kundalini Yoga kriyas focused on the 1st center. Find a kriya in a book that targets the 1st chakra and do the exercise for 40 days.

    Then let me know how you feel.

    You could also go purchase some new plants, and plant them in the dirt. This tends to assist with a sense of grounding. Walking bare foot can also help connect you to the Earth’s energy.

    best of luck in your efforts ~ ~

  17. Jayme Says:

    I was hoping you could help me. I am currenting attending school for massage therapy and I knew I was having a very off day, personal stress I had not released. So I laid down to mediate before giving a massage. The teacher in charge of the clinic felt the need to help me and offered to do some energy healing. I agreed. She placed an Amethyst on my third eye. When she placed it there I could and she could feel it resist being placed there at first but it did finally lay peacefully… as she worked on me, trying to clear different areas, most the heart and crown, the stone decided it did not want to be there, apparently as it literally lifted itself and flew over my head.
    My teacher said she was not sure what that was about as she has never experienced that before. I was hoping you could possible offer some insight into what it could mean.

  18. hershel Says:

    Greetings Jayme,

    This is an interesting story you have. I can offer my perspective, but please do not take it as Gospel.

    I believe that when the teacher at first could feel the stone resist wanting to be placed on your third eye, she should have stopped. We must be mindful with crystal energy work, if a stone does not want to work with a person, then don’t force it.

    I simply believe that the stone did not want to work with you, so it left.

  19. Lisa Says:


    I am pretty sure my crown is overactive. What can I do to make it normal again? I feel a strong connection to the source but I feel like the rest of my chakras are off and usually if I dowse them the ones that are off are root and heart. I’ve read that overactive crown in an unbalanced system can cause chaos and that is what I feel like lately. I need balance desperately…

  20. hershel Says:


    I would tend to suggest some 1st chakra exercise to help ground the energy. Some simple things you can do is to take a walk in nature, or literally lay on the ground.

    My best suggestion is to find a Kundalini Yoga instructor near you, take a class from them and ask their opinion :-)

  21. A. Says:

    I can see a little soft purple light that glides and moves softly like silk between my eyebrows. If I focus on it while it cirles, it can become bigger. I can see it with my eyes closed when I am relaxed and sometimes when meditating. I can see it with my eyes open if I am in a dark room.

    Many years ago, after staring into it for a prolonged period of time (hour or so) I couldn’t move all of a sudden and it opened up. Then I felt like I was in a rocket ship and going through outer space. My eyes were closed the whole time.

    This happened a couple of times. But now, I don’t want it to happen. So whenever the light comes, I don’t focus on it in meditation.

    Any advice for me? Am I doing something wrong?

  22. hershel Says:

    Interesting, I am not in a position to say if you are doing something wrong or not, however, I would suggest focusing on your breathing. The breath brings us back to balance.

  23. Bett Says:

    I’ve recently been exploring my spirituality through Reiki and books. When I go to bed at night and close my eyes, I can see a swirling purple circle – it was especially strong last night. Is this my third eye? It’s very comforting – i love watching it. I want to get as in tune with my chakras as possible. How do you reccomend I do this?

  24. Krishan Says:

    Warm Greetings,

    Exploring spirituality is the name of the game.

    Seeing colors with ones eye’s closed is possibly third eye activity. It could also be simple neurological firing of the brain which produces colors.

    When one can feel their third eye, they know it is their third eye.

    I recommend you locate a local Kundalini Yoga teacher and take a class. If you are interested in Third Eye work there are specific kriyas, or yoga sets, designed to stimulat the ajna center, third eye.

    Keep up the exploration, it’s a great ride.

  25. Anil Says:

    I am a novice in this field. How can I activate my sahasrara chakra? Can we directly activate a particular chakra without activating a lower chakra?
    How safe is it to go to a person who just told me that he can activate any chakra in my body directly or remotely. I am confused. Please advise.

  26. Krishan Says:

    Dear Anil,

    As a novice in the field I’d first ask you why it is you are interested in only activating the Sahasrara chakra?

    I would suggest taking a class from a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and get some first hand experience in working with the centers.

    I do know from personal experience, that it’s important to obtain a foundation of practice prior to looking for targeted activation.

    Take a class, then purchase a book and look to deepen the practice of a particular kriya you might enjoy.

    peace to you

  27. Judy Says:

    I just wanted to mention that I too have had similar experiences to PERA and A. (entries April 27 2007 and nov 12 2007- see below). Both describe the sensation of hurtling through starry space. This often happens to me when I meditate. I embrace it and feel that it is a window to connect to the universe (which is in all of us). One day when I had injured my back and had to stay in bed all day, I began a deep meditation. The speed of my space journey slowed down and I began to see magnificent and colorful swirling masses and nebulas. I also had a feeling of deep stillness and awe. I would like to know if anyone else has had any “outer space” experiences and what they might have discovered along the way.

    PERA wrote,
    “Also I’ve been seeing white sparkles all around me for like a month even when I close my eyes and sometimes it turns from just sparkles sprinkling down into an experience of like I’m traveling at light speed through the stars like on starwars( this part I especially have no idea about)”
    A. wrote:
    Then I felt like I was in a rocket ship and going through outer space. My eyes were closed the whole time.

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