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7:15 pm Pranayama, Yoga Glossary

Pranayama takes it root from, prana life force energy.  Pranayama is breathing, or more specifically the yoga science of breathing.  By practicing pranayama one brings in the vital life force energy that is necessary for life.

By mindfully focusing on the breath one is able to release the tension of the day to day struggles and dwell in peace.  Specific breathing patterns can add specific enhancements to ones kundalini yoga practice.

In Kundalini Yoga there are several forms of pranayama, such as:

  • Long deep breathing- the most basic essential type
  • Breath of fire- very swift, light long deep breathing through the nose
  • Alternate nostril breathing- for cooling, or energizing purposes and balance
  • O breath breathing
  • Lions breath

There are others as well, but these form the basis of many.

It is said that energy follows thought.  It can be said that thought follows the breath.

Alice Bailey, in Light of the Soul- The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali- brings in interpretation from Johnson that states Pranayama is more specifically “Control of Prana” and not necessarily the breath.  Many practicioners of Yoga correlate pranayama to breath control because breath control is one means to “physically” control prana.  There are other means of prana control as well and thus additional types of Pranayama.

All definitions here are based on my understanding, learning and reading of Kundalini and other Yoga related texts, classes and websites.

I invite the Kundalini Yoga experts in the community to ellaborate on what I have presented here, and thus further the learning experience for visitors.

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