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I ran across this nice little chakras test online via this forum.

Here are my results:

Root: open (25%)
Sacral: over-active (75%)
Navel: open (38%)
Heart: open (44%)
Throat: open (56%)
Third Eye: open (56%)
Crown: open (31%)

Percentages go from -100% to +100%

The test appears rather valid at first glance. There is also a very useful Chakras questionairre in The Kundalini Yoga Experience book. Based on my results it appears as though I need to polarize and increase flow to my crown and root chakras. I shall have to tap into the Creative force of my second chakra, to assist with the energy transference. I am a Scorpio, which tends to indicate that my life force centers around my 2nd chakra, (the water sign correlates to the fluid nature of the sacral center.)

I’ll see if I can leverage the navel center, for a power boost into the upper ones.

I think I will work on my centers the following ways over the next month or so:

  1. Root chakra
  2. Navel center
  3. Crown chakra

That should help facilicate the balance. :-)

I love Kundalini Yoga because it helps prescribe work to be done based on energy flow needs.


10 Responses

  1. Mone Says:

    This is more of a personality test. I thought there will be a real sensual test..I am little disappointed… but good blog nevertheless

  2. hershel Says:

    Very good observation, I suspect it is challenging to implement a sensual testing method online. Sorry to disappoint, however I do feel it has some merit to it. One will find that the energetic expression of the chakra system does in fact manifest via the personality, or how one is feeling at any given moment.

    Thank you for the kind feedback on the blog.


  3. J~ Says:

    Great post H~ 75% second shakra, wow!!
    I am looking forward to trying the test out.
    What is your interpretation of females drawing there
    energy up through the earth and males down from above?
    It is said that females have a tendency to have
    more energy flowing through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras
    while males tend to in the 7th, 6th and 5th….
    what are your thoughts on that theory?

  4. hershel Says:

    Well that’s a very interesting theory. I am not sure I completely agree with that perspective. However, I can appreciate where it more than likely originates from. A goal of Yoga is to unite the Shakti, feminine aspect in the 1st chakra, with the Shiva masculine aspect of the 7th. Given that perspective it would be easy to make the belief that males tend to gather their energy from the 7th chakra and females the 1st.

    I believe that the increase of energy flowing through any of the center’s has less to do with the gender of a person and more to do with the energetic influences they were born into and that currently surround them in their environment.

  5. Annie Says:


    I do the test , that’s good to know what problems that I have to care.

  6. hershel Says:

    I would suggest this to be more of a guide, than an absolute statement of problems.

  7. S K Nag Says:

    The concept is worth exploring.
    This is more of an understanding and your prospective. For instance, The Sun can be just another planet in our Solar system or source of energy, life source to this planet and worth even worshiping for the goodness !!!!

  8. Dreadz Says:

    umm…well to tell you the truth I got a 100% on my third eye. An 89% on my crown and a 79% on my root. Basically it said that my crown and my root chakra were over active. But those are polar opposites. Either I’m a walking oxymoron or this test is wrong. But I’ve been called that before.
    Any insight?

  9. hershel Says:

    I didn’t make the test, just thought it was interesting.

    In general if you feel you are experiencing some over activity in the higher centers, then I’d suggest some grounding work. There are some lovely Kundalini Yoga kriyas which target the 1st chakra and help integrate a strong foundation.

  10. anthony.antonas Says:

    ive been reading up on quite a few books on all this meditation,im a kickboxer with many wins and many injuries.the zen meditation with chi kung breathing exercises combined with the knowledge of the chakras,and i mean really understand that are personality aspects of ourselves.we need to treat them like they were children and pay attention to what they say and what they are their for in our lives astral and physical.their is a book by glenn morris intitled pathnotes of an american ninja goes into spefic detail the dangers and enlightment to be had through pushing sexual energy up the chakras and into the jade gates.the point of yoga and all this is to become a enlightened human or complete self,connecting mind and body through the spirit.if anyone wnats any advice on true books and references to people who are truly attained the lesser kan and li i know the authors who write and practice what they preach and can replicate the experience in understandable language hit me up,also they wont ever tell you but when you meditate keep your tounge to the roof of your mouth it complets the circuits to the micro energy or orbits so you might get some where meditating.thx for the time on this wonderful site keep up the spirit and the tounge too anthony thx H

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