Skeletal CyMa))ssage Kundalini Yoga Therapy – SCMKYT

1:17 pm Energy Healing, Tantric Numerology

Gotta give a hat tip to Guru Jiwan Singh Khalsa who posts about this very effective type of Kundalini Yoga Therapy.

What I really like about this approach is the initial analysis, via Tantric Numerology, to gain insight into the types of energy that the person may be primarly influenced by. Bio energetic healing is soo good for people. By encouraging the body to heal at a cellular level we can truly bring about real change and healing.

Based on the information provided it would appear as though this specific treatment offering if for people that are really ailing and in need of healing. I wonder if there is a toned down treatment that can be applied simply for some preventative maintenance???

Either way Kundalini Yoga practice itself provides an excellent system of maintenance for the body. Several bodies actually, physical, mental, emotional and subtle ones as well.



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  1. guru jiwan singh khalsa Says:

    sat nam.
    scmkyt can be experienced by anyone who wants to just destress their body, rebalance the meridians and adjust the bones. 11 sessions rebuild the body. the combination of cymatic therapy and bio energetic medicine as taught by dr. sir peter guy mannners, M.D.,D.O.,PhD, with skeletal therapy as taught by yogi bhajan, PhD is very effective because first we relax the body by rebalancing the frequencies of the cells of the structures that we are working on namely the muscles and spinal discs in the back, (although we can tailor the cymatic therapy harmonic session to address any specific structures that are in need of healing as well which we often do), and then we use a hand held vibration massage unit to relax the muscles of the back even more before we massage the back muscles by hand and then we begin with the skeletal therapy. we have open house days available for people to come and experience an introduction to skeletal therapy only at: the shoppes of mayfair in coconut grove at 2911 grand ave. and mary st. from 9:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m.every saturday and at 1201 los olas in ft. lauderdale on the 2nd sunday of every month and at 1101 los olas on the 4th sunday of every month also from 9:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the farmers market. these markets are lots of fun with fresh natural and organic foods and products available including: fresh tropical fruit smoothies, guacamole, fresh whole grain breads, and baked goods, fresh fruits and veggies, art work, fresh made crepes, cut flowers, fresh made pasta and hand made cheeses, hand made soaps made from essential oils, futon furniture, and much more!
    for more information about these farmers markets visit:
    god bless you
    sat nam
    guru jiwan singh and sadhana kaur khalsa
    3801 s ocean dr
    hollywood, florida
    954-237-4186 (o) m-f
    954-756-4509 (cell) sat & sun

  2. hershel Says:

    Thank you for the ellaboration Guru Jiwan Singh Khalsa,

    It provides useful background for visitors.

    Sat Nam
    Krishan Singh

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