Patience Pays via SikhNet and Yogi Bhajan

10:17 am Mantras

I came across a great post via SikhNet.

It provides an audio file of an affirmation provided by Yogi Bhajan.  One that I truly enjoy listening to during my Kundalini Yoga practice- Patience Pays.

I look at this affirmation as a prayer, wrapped in a meditation, with the power of mantra.

It is truly inspiring and gives me goose pimples when I hear it during my practice.

For those of you not familiear with the Sikh religion, SikhNet provides a great perspective on it. 

Based on my current understanding Sikh means Disciple.  In life there are many religions that speak of Disciples, in time I suspect that all walks of Disciples will become One.

Sat Nam,


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