Anger Management Skills with Yoga

7:56 pm Energy Healing, Krishan Singh

Let’s face it, anger is a natural occurance in this day and age. It seems as though every day we have a choice as to if we want to let something make us angry or not. Sometimes what tends to happen is that something makes us angry, but we bury it deep inside and forget that we were angry in the first place. At a surface level this may seem as though we are happy, but that stuck emotion creates energetic blockages within our emotional, mental and even physical bodies.

One of the great things about Yoga, Kundalini Yoga specifically for me, but really all yoga, is that it provides an excellent outlet for the proper useage of anger.

Yoga- Anger Management Skills

  • Controlled breathing, or pranayama helps to facilitate the ability to calm ones self when stressful situations occur
  • Physical activity allows one to “work out” the anger in a positive manner, transference of that energy into a positive result of health and well being
  • Mind control facilitated by yoga assists an individual, so that they do not lash out when angry impulses come their way
  • Emotional healing associated with exercizing the various chakras, helps to flow stuck emotions, or anger through ones system so it does not get locked in place

I came up with the idea for this post, because I am back into my teacher training program, with Lisa Lawrance after my long stretch of having a thron in my hand.
During the Tuesday Twilight yoga class Lisa lead us through a kriya on anger management. It was a great set, it worked our 3rd chakra, and helped balance the energies across our bodies. I especially liked the alternate punching portion, through an O mouth to the breath of fire.

An interesting thing happened to me during and after the session. Now I like to think of myself as a pretty happy guy. I don’t get angry and carry it around with me, right? Wrong, wrong wrong. What’s so interesting is that it wasn’t last night that the emotion came up in me. It was this morning during my meditation session. So there I was deeeeeep into the mind, conscious, sub-conscious where ever it may have been. Then all the sudden I became aware of a little energetic interplay going on between my energy centers, most specifically around the heart center. Now only bits and pieces came down into my conscious awareness, but I came to realize that I was working through some anger.

It was a great interplay, I was amazed at how the emotion just simply gets stuck within the body. And thanks to a Kundalini Yoga practice, I am able to help move those stuck emotions and transform them into a positive.
How has yoga helped you to control anger in the past?

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  1. louise Says:

    This sounds like a great article.

    I would like to find DVD yoga classes with an emphasis on anger management, and stress release. Having become afflicted with inflamation based ailements I would like to be able to manage my health better.

    Would it be possible to recommend a ?DVD which may specialise in yoga in this area.

    Kindest regards


  2. hershel Says:

    Sat Nam,

    Off hand I do not actually know of an “Anger Management” dvd, but that’s a great idea.

    One dvd I recommend is Ravi Singh’s and Ana Brett’s Journey through the Chakras.

    It starts out focusing on the lower centers, adrenals etc. and raising the energy up!

  3. Icha Says:

    Namaste Ji,

    Thanks a lot for your article about being angry. I find it also strange… for this week I’ve been practicing kundalini and chakra yoga for the Manipur chakra, and I experience anger and disappointments that I thought I don’t have!

    I was like, what’s wrong with me?

    But then I think, perhaps I’ve been suppressing some angers and disappointments inside me, that the yoga practices actually excavates them out for me to deal with.

    I’m still not comfortable with it… but some strange things also happened to me when I did 1st and 2nd kundalini & chakra yoga, so it’s not a wonder, really…

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