Christ Energy Flows from the Heart Center

10:54 am 4th Chakra- Heart Center

Tis the season,

Solstice is upon us and the season of giving is in full bloom. That is what the Christmas/Holiday season is all about after all, giving.

The trials of life continually pose challenges to us and it seems as though the holiday season brings even more to our plates. This is why we must focus on what the holiday season truly represents, and that is the act of giving.

When you are faced in a difficult situation, between family members, or friends, just remember to give. Give without any attachments to the fruits of that giving. Now that’s a step towards Grace.

This act of giving comes from the heart and graceful giving truly emminates through the heart center. It becomes rather clear, upon contemplation, how the Christ Energy flows through this heart center. Jesus, gave and gave and gave and continues to give to humanity. This Christ energy flows through us all and can be cultivated in the heart center. The giving of gifts in the holiday season is simply a physical manifestation of the energetic exchange that occurs between individuals on a etheric spiritual level.

Here is a fun little exercise, during your gift exchange, focus at your heart center (4th chakra) and work to bath the field around you in its energetic interplay.  See what you notice…

One great gift that can be achieved by many in the future is an understanding of Ones True Self.  For this understanding units all of humanity, on the level of The Soul.  Krishna, spoke (or sang) to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita of the need to release the false self, or ego, and to focus on the True Self (Soul, or Atman.)  This information, or Lord’s Song, is a gift to us all.

For he who can accept his true identity is truly saved. ” (A Course in Miracles)

Sat Nam

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