Manipura- 3rd Chakra (Power Center)

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Third Chakra- Manipura (Personal Power)

The 3rd Chakra is located in the belly. It is the seat of ones personal power. It directly affects ones ability to project their will into manifestation. This center is one that is constantly challenged in humanity . The majority of people are constantly having their power chakras challenged weather it be at work, in our relationships, or simply within ourselves. Power struggles are contsant in our daily grind. An under active third chakra can lead to a true feeling of powerlessness. An over active 3rd center can be just as detrimental as an under active one and may result in the over powering of others, typically for selfish desire.
The root of this problem stems from not transfering the energy of the 3rd center up through the heart center. The power that stems from the third chakra, balanced in love will lead humanity to a grand state of peace and well being.

The 3rd center is commonly associated with the “core” balancing activities that many aerobics focus on. The focus on this core, or power center, allows people to feel in control of their own destiny. As it is located in the belly it is also tied into the digestive system. When we are stressed we tend to get indigestion, which is merely a symptom of an unbalanced 3rd chakra.
This energy center is typically associated with the color Yellow, or Gold.

Benefits of a Balanced 3rd Chakra

  • Properly porportioned sense of self
  • Ability to influence/change ones surrounding environment
  • Strong digestive system
  • Core stability

As the power center this chakra helps to regulate the flow of energy to the other centers. By clearing this chakra of imbalances we can operate powerfully in our environment. This leads to an improved sense of self, and self esteem, which in turns increases our ability to help others.

Kundalini Yoga – A Journey through the Chakras

Krishan Singh

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Background of Krishan Singh

Yogi Hersh

I began my yoga practice back in 2004. At that time in my life something was missing, something more than the usual speed of life. I had such a hole in my life that it manifested as a phisical ailment and I was forced to go into the hospital for testing on my stomach. Nothing was medically wrong with me. What was wrong was my connection to that greater source of purpose and understanding. For some time I had been thinking,”Hershel, there is no way you can see yourself lifting weights through your 80′s, maybe you should try Yoga”

Then while visiting with my friends Jason and Sarah I was fortunate enough for Sarah to provide a Reiki healing session on me. It turns out I had a blockage of energy in my 5th chakra, my center of communication. Throught the reiki session a miraculous event occured. When Sarah located the stuck energy, she concentrated really hard…

All of the sudden an emense wave of energy, kundalini, shot up from the base of my spine and out through my throat center. It was an experience I shall never forget. I thought to myself,

“Perhaps I should learn more about these things called Chrkras”

In my studies I actually found a Yoga that focused on the Chakras, Kundalini Yoga. It was divine free will at its greatest. Since then I practice kundaliniy yoga nearly every day.

My first instructor was Courtney Ofetdahl. In time I began to realize that I could help fulfill my soul purpose by helping others to find their path through Yoga. And so I worked with Courtenay’s instructor, Lisa Lawrence on training for instruction. I am still in training with one of the finest Kundalini Yoga instructors. Lisa received her yoga instruction through Ravi Singh.

I am fortunate to have come to Yoga and to be surrounded with such brilliant lights upon the planet. As I continue my studies in Yoga and in the Charkras, those seven supplemental centers of energy I hope to share my experiences so that they may gain the benefits that Kundalini Yoga has provided me.

I am a Level II Reiki Practicioner, and recieved my attunement via Ester Turner. Ester Turner has also been my teacher in, Light Body Meditation course work. By integrating reiki and my meditations into my yoga practice I have been able to become more in tune with my own chakra system. This has allowed for a deeper understanding of self, which in turns allows for a deeper understanding of the Whole.
Sat Nam.

Svadhisthana- 2nd Chakra (Sacral)

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Second Chakra- Svadhisthana

The second chakra is located just above the base of the spine around ones sex organs. This energy center has to do with creativity, specifically around the creation of life. Orange is the color of the 2nd Chakra. There is a large imbalance in our society in the second center due to mass media glorifying sexuality, without the presence of love

When this chakra is blocked it manifests itself with a deep sense of insecurity with ones own sexuality. A person with an over active 2nd chakra will tend to focus on sex too much.

The second chakra builds upon the survival instincts of the 1st chakra, by Desire. The desire to pass along our genetic blue print and produce off spring.

Benefits of a Balanced 2nd Chakra

  • Proper flow of energy through reproductive organs
  • Healthy sex life
  • Ability to properly focus creative energy

Once one has properly balanced the sacral center they are able to transmute the creative energies of the second chakra into the higher centers and express the divine creativity from within.

Muladhara- 1st Chakra (Base)

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First Chakra

The first chakra is located at the base of the spine, it is said that the Kundalini serpent (Shakti) lies coiled there waiting to be released and Merged with Shiva in the crown center. The color of this base energy center is red and its orientation is that of survival. It is the animal instinct which lies within all of us that urges us to survive.

People that do not have enough flow of energy through this chakra do not feel as though they are secure in the world, there daily life is a battle just to stay above water and they are typically on edge.

This center has to due with elimination, when energy flows freely through this center one is able to release, and let go, of that which could slow them down.

Benefits of a Balanced First Chakra

  • Sense of groundedness
  • Security
  • A stable base from which to move forward

The 1st chakra is ever so important because it allows us to feel connected to the earth. It is the first chakra that tells us to walk bare foot on the beach, it is the first charkra that tells us nature is a beautiful thing. And it is the 1st chakra that helps those more spiritually inclined to keep their feet on the ground as their head dances in the clouds.