Chakra-Neuroendocrinology #1: Hormones

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Chakra-Neuroendocrinology??  What in the world does that mean?

Well good question, I am not sure if the term was in physical exsistence until now.  In my endeavor to uncover the healing properties associated with the chakra energy system, I figured I had better do some additional scientific investigation into the Human Endocrine System. 

I have purchased the following book for an overview study.

How the Endocrine System Works by J Matthew Neal, MD, FACP, FACE 

Published 2002 by Blackwell Science Inc  Blackwell Science Inc c/oAIDC 

PO Box 20



50 Winter Sports Lane Williston, VT 05495

I came across the term, Neuroendocrinology, which is a study of the endocrine system and the nervous system.  This term resonnated with me because my next scientific study related to the chakras is going to be into the nervous system.  Each of the 7 chakras is associated with specific centers along the central nervous system, I’ll detail them in the future, now back to the term.

So Chakra-Neuroendocrinology is the study of the chakra energy system in relation to the central nervous system and endocrine system.  I think it will make for a fascinating field of study and as part of my Kundalini Yoga teacher training I’ll continue with personal exploration.  Hopefully over time many many others far better versed than I in Neuroendocrinology will add a wealth of knowledge to chakra-neuroendocrinology.

For the purpose of exploration, I’ll hit on some of the high points outlined in the book referenced above, and add some of my perspective.  The first item of understanding has to do with hormones.


Hormones and the Endocrine System


Hormones are vital to a human’s life force, they have 3 primary functions:

  1. Hormones help distribute energy by facilitating the metabolic process
  2. Hormones help promote an internal balance within the body
  3. Hormones faciliate reproduction

(Yoga, helps distribute energy and helps promote balance.)

So that’s cool, but what do hormones do to achieve this?

Turns out that hormones operate on a cellular level and primarily effect the nucleus of specific cells, encouraging creation of predetermined protiens.  Hormones can be charged, or non-charged.  If charged it implies that they work with receptors on the cell to effect the nucleus, rather than the non-charged ones which can penetrate the cell membrane to influence the nucleus directly.  Seems to me as if they carry a specific frequency, hmm sound vibration and Mantra could play an interesting role here….

Hormone levels are maintained in the body via feedback loops that tell the body when to make more of a specific hormone and when to make less of it.  Blockages within this feedback system work to inhibit the proper flow of the endocrine system.  It is interesting that blockages and flow can be used when describing the processes of the endocrine system, as well as when describing the work of chakra balancing.

Distruptions in the feedback system, either too much, or not enough of a specific hormone, cause health conditions.  By understanding how the chakras relate to these feedback systems, and health conditions, we can begin to understand how chakras can help prevent and potentially cure these health conditions.

Testing the Validity of Chakra-Neuroendocrinology

Scientific experimentation would be no good if there weren’t some hypothesis made. 

High Level Hypothesis.   Chakra balancing, via Kundalini Yoga or energy healing, can faciliate improved health in the endocrine and nervous systems.

In Kundalini Yoga there are specific kriyas, or exercizes given to have an effect on specific chakras, each of these chakras relates to a specific endocrine system gland.  Each of these glands is responsible for secretion of specific hormones.  “stimulation or inhibition of the secretion of hormones” will provide an effective means to measure the influence of specific kriyas on the endocrine system.

So at some point we require a series of hormone tests, before and after perscribed Kundalini Yoga exercizes.  We will need a control group and an experiment group.  I would propose a couple experiment groups, 1 given the exercize perscriptions to do on their own over a period of time, let’s say 1 week, the other under the guidance of a Kundalini Yoga Master.

Similarly we could revisit proposed energy healing tests and measure hormone levels before an after the sessions.

Gamma cameras and Kirlian photography may also provide insight into the experiments to be conducted.

Now I don’t have off hand the resources to conduct these tests, but should someone be interested in helping faciliate them, please let me know!

So there’s the first edition of Chakra-Neuroendocrinology, stay tuned for more.

Sat Nam



Christ Energy Flows from the Heart Center

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Tis the season,

Solstice is upon us and the season of giving is in full bloom. That is what the Christmas/Holiday season is all about after all, giving.

The trials of life continually pose challenges to us and it seems as though the holiday season brings even more to our plates. This is why we must focus on what the holiday season truly represents, and that is the act of giving.

When you are faced in a difficult situation, between family members, or friends, just remember to give. Give without any attachments to the fruits of that giving. Now that’s a step towards Grace.

This act of giving comes from the heart and graceful giving truly emminates through the heart center. It becomes rather clear, upon contemplation, how the Christ Energy flows through this heart center. Jesus, gave and gave and gave and continues to give to humanity. This Christ energy flows through us all and can be cultivated in the heart center. The giving of gifts in the holiday season is simply a physical manifestation of the energetic exchange that occurs between individuals on a etheric spiritual level.

Here is a fun little exercise, during your gift exchange, focus at your heart center (4th chakra) and work to bath the field around you in its energetic interplay.  See what you notice…

One great gift that can be achieved by many in the future is an understanding of Ones True Self.  For this understanding units all of humanity, on the level of The Soul.  Krishna, spoke (or sang) to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita of the need to release the false self, or ego, and to focus on the True Self (Soul, or Atman.)  This information, or Lord’s Song, is a gift to us all.

For he who can accept his true identity is truly saved. ” (A Course in Miracles)

Sat Nam

Anger Management Skills with Yoga

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Let’s face it, anger is a natural occurance in this day and age. It seems as though every day we have a choice as to if we want to let something make us angry or not. Sometimes what tends to happen is that something makes us angry, but we bury it deep inside and forget that we were angry in the first place. At a surface level this may seem as though we are happy, but that stuck emotion creates energetic blockages within our emotional, mental and even physical bodies.

One of the great things about Yoga, Kundalini Yoga specifically for me, but really all yoga, is that it provides an excellent outlet for the proper useage of anger.

Yoga- Anger Management Skills

  • Controlled breathing, or pranayama helps to facilitate the ability to calm ones self when stressful situations occur
  • Physical activity allows one to “work out” the anger in a positive manner, transference of that energy into a positive result of health and well being
  • Mind control facilitated by yoga assists an individual, so that they do not lash out when angry impulses come their way
  • Emotional healing associated with exercizing the various chakras, helps to flow stuck emotions, or anger through ones system so it does not get locked in place

I came up with the idea for this post, because I am back into my teacher training program, with Lisa Lawrance after my long stretch of having a thron in my hand.
During the Tuesday Twilight yoga class Lisa lead us through a kriya on anger management. It was a great set, it worked our 3rd chakra, and helped balance the energies across our bodies. I especially liked the alternate punching portion, through an O mouth to the breath of fire.

An interesting thing happened to me during and after the session. Now I like to think of myself as a pretty happy guy. I don’t get angry and carry it around with me, right? Wrong, wrong wrong. What’s so interesting is that it wasn’t last night that the emotion came up in me. It was this morning during my meditation session. So there I was deeeeeep into the mind, conscious, sub-conscious where ever it may have been. Then all the sudden I became aware of a little energetic interplay going on between my energy centers, most specifically around the heart center. Now only bits and pieces came down into my conscious awareness, but I came to realize that I was working through some anger.

It was a great interplay, I was amazed at how the emotion just simply gets stuck within the body. And thanks to a Kundalini Yoga practice, I am able to help move those stuck emotions and transform them into a positive.
How has yoga helped you to control anger in the past?

Mudra Definition

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The Definition of Mudra

Mudra is defined as a hand position.  There are specific different types of mudra in Kundalini Yoga that are used in order to help facilitate certain types of energetic flows.  The human body is one large circuit of energy.

The energy that flows throughout our bodies follows along paths called nadis.  Certain points along these, or meridians, are conducive for the cultivation of specific types of energy. 

The study and use of Mudra utilizes the meridians to ressonate with a specific type of energy that attunes the system to the desired affect.  For example, a common Mudra, is Gian Mudra which focuses on channeling Wisdom.  The connection of the pointer finger with the thumb completes a circuit, so to speak, that is the wisdom connection.

All definitions here are based on my understanding, learning and reading of Kundalini and other Yoga related texts, classes and websites.

I invite the Kundalini Yoga experts in the community to ellaborate on what I have presented here, and thus further the learning experience for visitors.