The Heart Center- Law of Attraction Work #3

8:28 pm 4th Chakra- Heart Center, Kundalini Yoga Kriyas, Spirits Awaken Class

This weeks Spirits Awaken Kundalini Yoga class will focus on the Heart Center, or 4th Chakra.
Now the heart center is one of my favorite centers, I know you aren’t supposed to have favorites, but this is the center which is sooo key for balance.
Ones heart center deals with, not only love and relations, but also to abundance.

This set was originally taught by Yogi Bhajan as the Opportunity and Green Energy set. Green the color of money ;-) Now don’t get greedy on me, money is simply a physical manifestation/representation of energy. An exchange of money equals an exchange of energy.
And thus we tie in the title of this and connect the heart center with the Law of Attraction. Any one seen the movie “The Secret” well its not a huge secret anymore. Its a film well worth the time investment. The skinny is that one of the great laws of the Universe is the Law of Attraction. That as conscious beings we are able to attract to ourselves that which we focus on.

And it works, I kid you not.

So here is another little secret, not a secret anymore, a consistent practice of kundalini yoga exercises that focus on the heart center can help one to invoke the Law of Attraction.

This set happens to be one of my favorites, as it provides a well distributed work out across the entire body and is really fun to do.

Good times,

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  1. Jamie Says:

    The movie he is referencing, The Secret, is a great flick. My best friend bought it for me for my birthday and we’ve already watched it twice. It is about an hour, so it would be a great lunch-time activity if anyone is interested, I can bring it in. I’m super excited for my first Netconcepts Yoga class ~ it’s going to be a great set!! ~Jamie

  2. BJ Says:

    I thought you and your readers might be interested in this…

    The Oprah broadcast of “The Secret” will be February 8th. I also just found out that it will be followed by an International Law of Attraction Teleconference. If you want more info go to

    Also, the more posts that Oprah gets on her message boards about a particular topic, the more inclined she is to repeat the topic. So go to and find the message board for The Secret to let her know that you want more of the same!

    Spread the word!

  3. fiza Says:

    If I had to sum the entire thing up, it’s that the Law of Attraction
    is all about alignment. You’ve got to do the “work” if you want to
    bring something info your life.

    This is where I think people mess up, which gives the entire thing the
    “MLM/Amway” kind of vibe. You can’t just sit around eating junk food
    and watching reruns and expect to live on the beach…regardless of what
    the infomercials say.

    People like Joe Vitale are out working. Bob Proctor is out working.
    James Ray is out working.


  4. hershel Says:

    Yes I agree you have to work at it, in fact I need to attract some more things right now :-) peace, prosperity, well being may they be shared by all.

  5. Zigg Says:

    Great info.

    I watched the Secret DVD a few months ago and got another book on Law of Attraction,
    but it didn’t really start happening for me until I wrote down my intentions. I found that to be
    VERY powerful.

    Guide for Living the Law of Attaction Work Book is a book I just got, which makes
    planning out your Law of Attraction goals easy. Just fill in the blanks and you’ve got a road
    map to follow. Has been working well so far.

  6. Madonna Says:

    The Secret is a fantastic introduction into the Law of Attraction and certainly gets you thinking. The movies Pass It On and What The Bleep Do We Know are also very informative. There is a tremendous amount of information available, however, you can listen and read as much as you like but for the Law of Attraction to work for you it has to be followed up with Action. Including the kundalini yoga exercises is a great way to include an ‘action’ into each day.

    I wish you all peace and abundance

  7. Chris Ball Says:

    I really want to endorse the things you are teaching. The Law of Attraction radically changed my life when I was introduced to it be the amazing Bob Proctor a little over 18 months ago.
    I was a struggling entrepreneur, financially broke and emotionally at the end of the line. Bob Proctor taught me the law of attraction and showed me how to massively alter the direction I was going in.
    I went from broke to a millionaire in just 6 months!
    It was an amazing ride!
    I tell how it worked for me on my site at

  8. hershel Says:

    Zigg glad you enjoyed it!

    Madonna- I love What the Bleep do we Know

    Chris- it truly is magic to watch it in action

  9. Chakra center Says:

    Chakra center he in naturesong is one of a kind of felling for relaxing my mind and body.

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