Gain Personal Power with Yoga- Class #4

7:13 pm 3rd Chakra- Power, Kundalini Yoga Kriyas, Spirits Awaken Class

Let’s face it, the demands of todays society can cause some wear and tear on an individual.

How big is your “to do list?” I am sure there is plenty on that list, one of my to do’s stares at me each time I author a post here, (I have half a dozen blog post ideas saved as drafts, I’ll crank them out in time.)

Instead of focusing on how to relax the body and mind, I thought it may be appropriate to lead a class focused on increasing a sense of personal power.

Personal Power Yoga

In order to gain personal power through yoga we must focus on our core.  We will be targeting our mid section through a series of exercizes, such as leg raises.  There will also be some body lenthening stretches to perform.
This kriya will focus on empowering our navel centers.  Our navel centers are the first point from which we gained nurishment.  The navel is responsible for supplying our bodies with energy.  Our core also serves as a primarly location of physical balance for an individual as they move from here to there.  One could say that our core holds a bit of confidence in it as well.
Many times the stomach aches we experience as a result of “stress” is really just an imbalance in our navel power.  That is to say, a feeling as though we are unable to affect the conditions around us.  Stress is a natural occurance in daily life, in fact it is necessary for survival and growth.  How we deal with stress is another story.

I propose that Yoga is an excellent means of dealing with stress and that personal power sets support this.

Benefits of Increased Personal Power

  • Sense of control in ones life
  • Knowledge to understand how to effect change in ones environment
  • Efficient use of energy, putting first things first and achieving the most important items with exactly the amount of effort that is required
  • Self confidence to communicate with

I do so hope you can attend, this is one of my favorite sets to perform in the morning when I need to have my game face on :-)

Be well


(Class Kriya will be presented from the Master Your Domain set provided by Shakta Kaur Khalsa, in the book Kundalini Yoga, Unlock your inner potential through life-changine exercise. Published by Dorling Kindersley Publishing, 2001)

4 Responses

  1. sheik Says:

    i want to know the details and uses of yoga

  2. hershel Says:

    Hello Sheik, I appreciate your interest. This is a vast subject matter, if you would like to gain some insights I suggest checking out the rest of my blog, picking up some books on the subject and attending a few yoga classes.

    good luck in your learning

  3. Barbara Says:

    I’ve noticed lately when I do kriyas for navel power I get really angry. Any ideas?

  4. hershel Says:

    Sat Nam,

    It sounds like you are processing through some internal anger in your system.

    I remember a time when this happened to me as well. I’d get very agitated through the kriya.

    I suspect it is a good thing, as it is allowing you to release the blocked energy. You could even focus a practice around some anger cleansing kriyas.

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