For Health and Wellness Create a Wellness Room

4:19 pm Energy Healing

The purpose of this entry is to inspire health and wellness.  The truth of the matter is, there are several small things that can be done to help foster both.  I came across this great little article via Beliefnet.

A high school in Camden Maine has created a wellness room.  I mean how simple is that “This is a Wellness Room”  By its very nature it will faciliate wellness.  This high school took it to the next step and have several students trained in Reiki, so that they could help facilitate the work of wellness.

It has been said that there is Good Will and the Will to do Good.  However, the Will to do Good tends to be more challenging that Good Will.  I think this simple concept of a Wellness Room is a small act of the Will to do Good.  I also believe that a series of several small acts such as these add up to a rather large sum in aggregate.

I shall create a Wellness Room in due time.

Well done folks, well done.

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