Visit to Golden Bridge & Class with Gurmukh

6:32 pm Krishan Singh

I had recently read an article about the Golden Bridge Center in the Yoga Journal. Reading through the article I thought to myself, “Wow, this center sounds fantastic!” In digging through the story I began to think that Madison, and other cities would do well for a healing center such as this. I can’t wait to visit there sometime.

It would seem as though the magical process of manifestion has been quickening for me.

I am fortunate to live a life where I travel from time to time. And this time I am fortunate to have happened out to the West Coast with my beautiful soon to be wife, Jamie.

While out in CA we decided to take a class with Kundalini Yoga instructor Gurmukh. The journey through the Golden Bridge Center was nothing less than absolutely magical. There is a presence that resides in a healing center that emminates a sense of well being, and this force was very strong here.

Here’s a pic of me outside, waiting with anticipation
Hersh Golden Bridge Yoga
This was my first class with such a large group, and as such I was ever so excited for it! Group consciousness and practice allows for a deeper practice. The sacrifice, (make sacred,) of the self for the benefit of the group is divine indeed.

From the first moment we tuned in, my consciouness was lifted. The group sounding forth of the mantra elevated the spirit in just a few moments. (I wait with anticipation for the next large group class.)

We focused on the Liver, and detoxification. The work was very challenging, yet rewarding at the same time.

I am super pumped to take another class with Gurmukh. After class we went and introduced ourselves. Gurmukh is a kind humble lady, a true mark of a great teacher, she asked us where we were from and chit chatted with us for a while. I informed her that I was an aspiring Kundalini Yoga Instructore.

After class they served salad and rice, which was yummy and healthy. It was nice to socialize with others that shared in the lovely group experience. (and they get to benefit from that experience all the time!)

Here is my future bride inside Golden Bridge, stunning scenery
Yoga Pose-Jamie-Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge journey reinvigorated my committment to Kundalini Yoga. When the soul speaks to you and confirms that you are on your path, the experience is not to be ignored. I shall be focusing some energy on achieving proper certification.

I purchased another Chakra Book to add to my collection on the way out, “Your Life is in your Chakras, by Gururattan Kaur Khalsa. I can’t wait to dig into the materials

We closed class with a lovely group meditation song of (care of Yogi Bhajan via Gurmukh);

I am Beautiful, I am Bountiful, I am Blissful.

I am, I am.

Sat Nam


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  1. Amar Atma Says:

    Yogi Hersh,

    Sat nam, ji! Found your site while googling “kundalini” blogs. Wanted to invite you and friends of yours who are teachers or students, to join 3HO’s international kundalini yoga yahoo group. All anyone has to do to join its 915 worldwide members is email “”.

    Welcome to the group, and see everyone at Summer Solstice (, the most incredible yoga experience in the world!

    Wahe guru,
    Amar Atma
    Washington, DC

  2. hershel Says:

    Warm Greetings Amar Atma,
    I always encourage community building and the internet tends to lend itself nicely there.

    I am subscribed to the group, and others may happen upon it as well.

    good times

  3. namasteph Says:

    Sometimes we can get spoiled in Los Angeles, seeing as it’s the American hub of yoga. We’ve got the best yoga teachers and the best yoga studios in the country. I’ve already studied with Shiva Rea; last night I ventured bravely out to…

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