Thyroid Disease- Kundalini Yoga as Preventative Maintenance

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Thyroid Disease

It has come to my attention that a good number of individuals suffer from Thyroid Disease, of some sort or another, and it appears as though women are more likely to have difficulties than men. Weather it is an underactive thyroid, or an overactive thyroid the imbalance in the endocrine system is simply devistating to ones health. This ailment faces my mother and one of my co-workers as well, so it really hits home for me.

As I work through my studies of Kundalini Yoga I am researching the human endocrine system, and outlining some thoughts for chakra-neuroendocrinology, (a science that the yogis have understood for some time, but requires additional Western study.)

My study now takes me to the Thyroid. I seek to gain an understanding of its function and make the case for Kundalini Yoga as a Preventative Maintenance program to keep thyroid disease and disorders away. (Yoga is a maintenance program for the body, mental, emotional and spiritual, as well, but let’s stay focused on this aspect for the time.)

In my previous post on chakra-neuroendocrinology I referenced a resource book that is helping me understand the system. My high level overviews of the tyroid, based on the book, and other insights are as follows:

The thyroid is related to the 5th chakra, or center of communication located around the throat. It is good to keep in mind that the element associated with the 5th chakra is ether. Technically speaking all of our chakras are rooted on the subtle plane of the ethers and bridge the vital gap into physical manifestation. But the 5th chakra is of much interest to etheric relations. It makes one ponder upon the etheric implications of under active and over active 5th chakras.

The human thyroid is the gland that is very closely associated with metabolism. “A primary role of the thyroid is to increase energy expenditure and thermo-genesis.”
That being said the pituitary gland, (or Master Gland,) is responsible for stimulating the thyroid hormone secretion. An imbalance in the thyroid or pituitary gland can lead to challenges in the system.

Hypothyroidism- Underactive thyroid

This implies an individual has thyroid hormone levels that are too low for proper flow in the endocrine system. A common cause of this is the presence of antithyroid antibodies. A common symptom of this is sluggishness, (yoga helps make the body move.)
Hyperthyrodism- Overactive thyroid

This implies that an individual has thyroid levels that are higher than appropriate for the proper flow of energy. There are technically 2 types of this disorder, the type that is caused from within the body and the type that is caused from outside of the body. A common symptom of this is weight loss. This dis-ease can also lead to increased speed in mental processes, but with the propensity to create errors within the thinking. Again, one cause of this is a mis-aligned anti body within the system.

Preventative Thyroid Maintenance

It is my thinking that Yoga, (I am partial to Kundalini but all forms of Yoga are appropriate,) is the optimal means of preventing thyroid disease and disorders. It’s kind of like a car, one takes in their car on a regular basis so that maintenance work can be done. The result of this maintenance is a car that runs smoother, lasts longer and is less likely to die on you. The same is true of the human body and they thyroid.

Kundalini Yoga provides lovely specific means to maintain proper balance within the thyroid. The best way to cure thyroid disease is to never allow the root cause to develop in the first place, thus I stress maintenance.

Food that nurtures the Thyroid

Eating the right foods is also important for proper flow through the thyroid.  Mark Hyman M.D. has noticed that thyroid disorders are on the rise, and he brings an interesting and valid perspective as to the cause.  He focuses more on the environmental and dietary factors that enter into the thyroid system:

“For example, food allergies, like sensitivities to gluten and other foods, also negatively affect thyroid function-and are frequently undiagnosed.  Likewise, deficiencies in nutrients important to good thyroid function-like selenium, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids. and iodine and tyrosine-can trigger thyroid problems.”

Fight Thyroid Disease

Mark Hyman has very sound tips for fighting thyroid disease.  I would suggest that we focus on preventing them in the first place.

But if you find yourself in a situation where you need to fight the dis-ease review his suggestions and might I suggest integrating a strong Kundalini Yoga practice into your life cycle.

I have another future proposed test for testing the validity of healing via chakra-neuroendocrinology. There are a couple tests that can be done to measure the levels of thyroid hormones in ones system. I propose a controlled test with 3 groups:

  1. Group of people with over active thyroid (n=60)
  2. Group of peoplw with under active thyroid (n=60)
  3. Control group (n=60)

Measure the levels of thyroid hormone prior to testing. One half of each group will live out their lives normally, or under go the typical Western treatment. The second half will practice Kundalini Yoga on a Daily basis with a strong focus on 5th chakra exercizes and a little 6th chakra work here and ther. (We could add thyroid specific eating into the equation at a future date perhaps.)

I find it interesting that one of my first major energetic blockages in this life time, that I was consciously aware of, was in my throat center. (Sarah, thanks again for the release.)

The timing of this post is also rather interesting, as I am 18 days into a 40 Kundalini Yoga kriya that focuses on the 5th chakra.

It is my sincere hope that this info gets shared with others.  Should you know someone that may benefit, please pass this along to them!  Please let me know what you think of this article?

I hope it is of value.

Sat Nam


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  1. chicamanhattan Says:

    Hershel, thank you for making your research and knowledge available. I can personally attest to a balancing of my thyroid’s secretions through the use of Kundalini Yoga. While I wasn’t officially diagnosed with hypothyroid, I did exhibit many symptoms of low levels of thyroid hormones: an enlargement of the thyroid (goiter), extreme sluggishness, pain in the joints, hair loss, depression, etc. My general practitioner even prescribed an ultrasound to rule out thyroid tumors. Of course, suffering from all of this while being told that “nothing is wrong with you” was, to say the least, extremely frightening. There were mornings when I physically could not get out of bed from the lack of energy and pain. I realize now that Western medicine’s reliance on tests and metrics keep otherwise excellent physicians from properly treating patients with very real health conditions. My strategy then became to turn to more holistic practices. I began to take homeopathic supplements and the amino-acid tyrosine to stimulate thyroid hormone production. There were improvements yet I still struggled because of an underlaying lack of healthy energy running through my body. My quest eventually led to Kundalini. Within the first 2-3 days of a 40-day cycle, I’ve eliminated all supplements other than a multi-vitamin and have reduced the dosage of St. John’s Wort that I’d been taking to ease the emotional symptoms of the low-thyroid condition. I believe you are on to something great and cannot wait for the day when you and your peers bring about a much needed change in our Western medical practices. Sat Nam, Chicamanhattan from NYC.

  2. hershel Says:

    You are most welcome,

    Its really only just begun. Thank you for sharing your story here, may it serve others in their journey towards healing.

    Sat Nam
    Krishan Singh

  3. Jakob Says:

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title Chakras Balancing, Chakra Healing Resource. Thanks for informative article

  4. sunil Says:

    Please find some more comments.

    Thyroid levels depend on the environment, food habits,
    working environment ( Working under high pressures )

  5. hershel Says:

    Thanks for adding to the discussion Sunil, its amazing how our surroundings affect us.

  6. John Says:

    My wife was diagnosed with a thyroid problem many years ago. We have kept it at bay for the last ten years by staying on a healthy diet.

    I understand that spiritually speaking it is an energy center in ones body and how a blockage of the energy center can lead to problems like the thyroid problem/disease. But, I have jsut recently came across a self discovery where the neck and the thyroid area has been neglected altogether to be different from each other. I have not come acros people relating the thyroid with the neck as in the vertabrae and the muscles around the neck.

    I understand the whole area is interlinked and if one area is out of phase than the other area will also be affected. We have the energy body, but we also have the physical body that people seem to disregard as far as trying to heal the body in this area. I have recently discovered that certain physical movements of the you muscles around your chest and shoulders can have substantial affect on relieving a lot of pain in the nearby area.

    It all boils down to one having a posture. Posture for your neck. As I said they are all interlinked and interdependent.

    Thank you.

  7. hershel Says:

    Hello John,

    Thanks for sharing your experience here. You bet our entire system is interconnected. I am pleased to hear that you are managing things with a healthy diet. In fact, I intend to post about a proper diet as a stress reducer.

    Krishan Singh

  8. eksapratama Says:

    looking for a healing center in indonesia…

  9. hershel Says:

    greetings, I am sorry, but I am unfamiliar with healing centers in Indonesia, best of luck in your search,

    The yoga center directory online may have some resources for you.

    Sat Nam.

  10. ann burns Says:

    Your work fascinates me. There is a healing
    center in NYC called Rootlight. The founder
    also integrates neuroendocrinology with yoga
    and chant. The chanting is especially helpful
    for the thyroid. Good luck with your research. I think Mona Lisa Schultz, MD also
    writes about the link between the 5th chakra
    and the thyroid. She is a medical intuitive.
    Best Wishes,

  11. hershel Says:

    Sat Nam,

    thank you for your kind words. This is indeed something I need to revisit. Rootlight sounds very interesting.

    be well

  12. Alex Says:

    Hello. I am new to this site. I had posted a question on thyroid and chanting but I can’t find it or the answer. Is there a chanting CD or practice you could recommend for hypothyroidism? thanks so much!

  13. hershel Says:

    Sat Nam

    My apologies, I thought I’d emailed you a response.

    The best thing I can recommend is that you locate a local KRI certified instructor and ask them to go through some Thyroid kriyas. Then support that with a KRI seal of approval book for home study, and focus on 5th chakra and 6th chakra kriyas.

    here are some positive healing vibes ~ ~ ~

  14. Stef Says:

    Thank you for your information. In 2003 I was 52 years old & was diagnosed with a medium size nodule on the right thyroid lobe. At the same time I was diagnosed with severe hyploglycemia via a 6 hour glucose tolerance test given at my request due to symptoms I was experiencing. I have addressed the hypoglycemia in hope that it would also affect the thyroid but it continued to grow. In April of 2008 I was checked again for thyroid nodules & found that the nodule had doubled in size. It was interfering with swallowing & my voice was also changing. The large thyroid node was biopsied & found to be benign. It was drained during the procedure & I found much relief afterwards.
    My cholesteral levels have been on the rise since 2000 & are now a total of 297. The good part is that my ratio is 3.3. The HDL are at 91 but the LDL are 190. My triglycerides are normal. However a cardiologist wants me to start a statin drug to lower my LDL number – something I will not consent to doing because of the side affects.
    The thyroid levels are within normal ranges (whatever that is at the time) but on the low side. I’ve done the temperature check in the AM & am consistantly low (96 degrees) I have recently visited an endocrinologist who simply said “we’ll keep an eye on it & come back in a year for a check up”. I am also suspecting it to be the cause of my erratic eye condition.
    I have always (30 years) taken very high quality supplements including soy protein but have read recently that soy may actually be bad for the thyroid. At the recommendation of my eye doctor I’ve recently added EPA (omage-3 fatty acids) to counteract my dry eyes. My exercise level is very low & I sit at a computer for long hours working. I was a follower of yoga for a short time many years ago but have since stopped & am without direction other than instructional books.
    My questions – for now- could the soy protein have produced the node over time? Is this what is referred to as “goiter”? And finally is there anything other than waiting a year for a check up that I can do to stop the progression of the enlargement? It is becoming visually obvious. I would rather be actively fighting this thing than just waiting a year to see a dr. but I’ve not read anything that gives me hope that an enlarged node can be reversed.
    Please advise if you can.
    Thank you for anything you can share & also for what has been posted here currently.

  15. hershel Says:

    Sat Nam,

    My heart goes out to you in your situation. May the healing light of the Gurus be with you.

    Since I am not a doctor, I am not in position to answer your questions properly, so I’ll have to humbly decline comment.

    I can suggest you give Kundalini Yoga a try and see how that does for helping to support in healing.

    Here are some positive vibes to help with healing ~ ~ ~

  16. Ana Lewis Says:

    Thank you Hershel!!

    I am living proof that everything that you are saying is true and I have the medical records and tests to prove it!

    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 7 years ago and have been taking .1 mcg of synthroid daily ever since.

    In January, 2008, I was introduced and began taking KY classes. Just general classes – not even knowing enough to focus on the 5th chakra (just learned about your study today).

    Since January 2008, I have practiced KY daily. Doing morning Sadhana, absorbing the techniques like a sponge.

    Last month, my blood work was conducted and my D.O. informed me that my thyroid has “woken up”. It’s working again and soon, we will begin tapering off the synthroid and testing to make sure that all is on-track and okay.

    It’s a miracle! I was told I would be on synthroid for the rest of my life.

    Thank you for your study. Please feel free to contact me personally if you would like to utilize my results or simply talk.

    Sat Nam,
    Ana Lewis

  17. Rachel MacDonald Says:

    Hi there, Hershel and others. Thanks very much for the information you shared there. I was wondering if you have more advice for opening and healing the 5th Chakra. It’s been part of my life’s path to encounter challenges in communication and believing in myself and my right/ability/safety in communicating.

    Also, I have problems with my thyroid, I suppose as a physical manifestation of the energy blockage.

    I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in Sept. 08, but not treated till Dec. 08 when I saw the specialist (wait lists, you know). It was pretty severe so, at first, I was on 20 mg of Tapazole, then reduced to 15 mg. The doctor wanted to reduce to 10 mg but advised not yet.

    On Mar. 4 I stopped the meds in preparation for a scan with radioactive iodine which I had on Mar. 11, and started the meds again yesterday, at 15 mg.

    Today my heart was racing a lot, my stomach was hurting and I generally wasn’t feeling well, and also my thinking was pretty frantic. Also, my thyroid, on both sides feels kind of sharp, like burning… it’s kind of worrying me. It may be because of the amount of medication (it may be too much), or because of the abundance of hormones in my system. The meds take a few days to start working fully.

    Well, I think they are going to want to burn out my thyroid with radioactive iodine. Depending what the scan shows, and the blood tests. I really don’t want them to do that, but if it is the only way….

    I think there must be another way.

    Hershel — have they had success with healing hyperthyroidism using ayurvedic medicine or other medicines that incorporate energy knowledge and considering the chakras? If so, there is a woman who knows how to use ayurveda for some therapies, in town here. I could ask her. What about traditional Chinese medicine? Do they have good success?

    The doctors seem to think it is incurable. It may be, I guess, but I don’t believe them. My father was told he wouldn’t walk, and he used meditation and walking practice (!) and now he can walk. Also he nearly died from encephalitis and lost lots of his memory and some motor abilities, but he used meditation and other healing and God helped him get better. Now he is writing a second book and he designed and built a sailboat, and so on. So all this is to say I know that it’s possible to heal things that doctors say are incurable.

    I would really like some ideas on opening and healing the 5th chakra if you have any ideas! Thanks.

    Peace, Rachel in Saskatchewan (Canada)

    PS. What does Sat Nam mean?

  18. Audrey Brigliadoro Says:

    I have been doing the panting breath taught by Ravi Sing and we open mouth tongue out and pant..taste metal after why?

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