Liver Cleanse Kriya- Cleansing via Kundalini Yoga

7:21 pm Kundalini Yoga Kriyas, Spirits Awaken Class

In honor of my recent visit to Golden Bridge, and class with Gurmukh, class this week will focus on a Liver Cleanse Kriya “Let the Liver Live”

I was very blessed to have been guided through the rather challenging set from Gurmukh. A commonly known thing is that the liver is responsible for the detoxification of the human body, alcohol is a common forign element that is detoxified with the Liver.
Gurmukh mentioned that the Liver tends to be the holding ground for all body toxins. And as such negative energy tends to get amassed in the Liver.

With the transition from Winter into Spring we find ourselves at a prime time to detoxify the body, and thus the work at hand with this lovely Kundalini Yoga set.

Liver Cleanse Kriya (Yoga Set)

In order to help facilitate the health and detoxification of the liver, we have got to stimulate the organ. This kriya places the body into positions that allow for natural pressure to be placed on the liver and excentuated via pranayama.

This set also helps to stimulate the nervous system.

During one of the asanas my body began to shake after holding the posture for a decent amount of time. The shaking, I believe, was the result of the detoxification process occuring through my system. This helps to build the system back up properly.

Liver Cleansing- Body Maintenance

So the liver is super important for a person’s health and well being, but WOW do we take it hard on our livers. I mean, I went to college, the balance of our social gather’s have alcohol integrated into them in some shape or form. Any alcohol consumed promotes strain on the liver.

In I perfect world I’d tell ya this and you’d all work to reduce your alcohol consumption. But, that may not be a realisitc approach at this point of time, though you could give it up for Lent.

So, that leaves the choice of performing regular maintenance on this important body organ. And by my view on things Kundalini Yoga, and specifically the Let the Liver Live kriya, provide the optimal means to achieve this healthy maintenance of the liver.

Here is to toxin free bodies!!

Be well


3 Responses

  1. PureAgeless Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful idea. I never even thought of liver cleansing until I read this article, and yet our liver has so much work to do, getting rid of all the toxins that we have taken in. I am definitely going to try this out.

  2. momo Says:

    Does anyone know how I can obtain information on how to do the set that Gurmukh refers to as “Let The Liver Live” in her book the Eight Human Talents on page 83. You may email me at

  3. Krishan Says:

    Sat Nam

    I believe you may find it in the book

    Kundalini Yoga, Unlock Your Inner Potential through Life Changing Exercise by Shakta Kaur Khalsa.


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