The Human Nervous System and Kundalini Yoga

9:10 pm Chakra-Neuroendocrinology, Spirits Awaken Class

Exercizing the Human Nervous System with Kundalini

For this week’s Spirits Awaken Yoga class I am planning a special set, in honor of an out of town guest, (welcome Sim.) We will be focusing on our human nervous system.

All forms of yoga work the nervous system, which is one of the reasons why so many benefits exist from practicing yoga. One of the reasons I am partial to Kundalini, aside from simply being drawn to it, is that through the practice correlations are made between the seven chakras and seven core nerve plexus.

This chart is from the Kundalini Yoga Experience book, one of my favorites.

1st chakra – Coccygeal
2nd chakra – Sacral
3rd chakra – Solar
4th chakra – Heart
5th chakra – Phanyngeal
6th chakra – Hypothalamus
7th chakra – Cerebral cortex

So by working with any pose or kriya we work to stimulate the nerves of the corresponding chakra and nerve centers.

This weeks class will take some extra care to open the heart nerve center.  Strong circulation of impulses through the heart is very important for nerve vitality.

looking forward to the set,

Sat Nam


2 Responses

  1. Sam LaTona Says:

    Could you provide names of same kundalini yoga positions that would help rebalance my autonomic nervous system. I am sympathetic dominant due to CFS (most people are parasympathetic) so am looking for gentle postures that will rebalance.

  2. hershel Says:

    Hello, glad you happened upon the site. The best advice I can offer is for you to find a local Kundalini Yoga Instructor. If you would like to try it on your own first, you can purchase a book that will have several postures, Guidelines to Sadhana is a great one.

    If you do happen to pick it up, please come back and let me know about your progress over the following year.

    Oh and I do recommend a regular practice for one years time at least, (hopefully by then you’ll want to continue any hoot.) The life transformation you can achieve in a years time is fantastic.

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