Madison, Wisconsin a Yoga Haven

9:27 am Raja Yoga, Science of Yoga

I’m pleased to relay that the Yoga Journal, has recently proclaimed Madison, WI to be a Yoga Haven.

They reported on several yoga centers:

  • Main Street Yoga
  • Mound Street Yoga Center
  • Perfect Knot Yoga and Massage
  • Well Within

The list is similar to the list I put together on Yoga in Madison, WI.  I had not heard of Well Within before, so thanks for that one!  And I had spaced out on Main Street Yoga, so I’ve added them both to my list.

They missed Lisa’s Yoga Room and her schedule.

The University of Wisconsin also regularly offers Mini Courses on Yoga.

I suspect that yogins are drawn to Madison, WI because of the great energy that this city has.  The vibrant student life, beautiful lakes, wonderful green spaces and rather libral views found in Madison make it very conducive to Yogic living.  Throw in some organic farming and environmental consciousness and you have one thriving place, heck there is even a local publication dedicated to sustainable living.

Now if we take a step up from this view, we would consider that this is simply an outward manifestation of the energetic system that surrounds this part of the Earth.  We are in the “Heartland” and in the future I hope to dig up information about how the magnetic field in this part of the country helps to faciliate this energy.

This field nurtures a more inclusive perspective on things, which will be very helpful as we transition into the Age of Aquarius.  (Watch the space of religion from now till 2012, we’ll see some interesting things indeed.)

Education is a cornerstone to the culture here in Madison.  In time yogic and esoteric education provided in Madison WI will help to pull some of the brightest, and lightest, people to this area for learning and holistic living.

I’m happy to be fortunate to have been born and raised in Madison.  In return I’ll see what I can do to help with the Raising of Consciousness from Madison.

May your Spirits Awaken!


2 Responses

  1. steve Yoga DVD Dude Says:


    How would Madison be for a video shoot location? I am looking for new locations. Does the city council support film projects by making them free (permit wise).

    Thanks, Namaste, Steve

    Yoga Video and DVD Dude at

  2. Krishan Says:

    Namaste Steve,

    As far as the scenery in Madison, I’d say that there several great locations for some shoots.

    I’m not sure off hand what the city ordinances are for film projects. I’ll check on this for you with some colleagues of mine though, I actually work at who as you may know supplies all the gear you could need for a shoot.

    I do know that the state of Wisconsin has some film incentives:

    If you decide to shoot here please let me know if you require some yogis for the shoot? I’m sure I can find some.

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