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1:58 pm Krishan Singh, Kundalini Meditations

For those of you who have been keepin up, I was recently granted the Spiritual Name, of Krishan Singh. Upon receipt of the Spiritual Name one is told to meditate on this name in order to gain deeper understanding of its meaning, including the more subtle meanings.

The other day while meditating on the name, an image came to mind. It was the image of a being floating near to me, one leg was up in easy posture, while the other was facing down towards the earth. I felt at peace with this vision.

Now me being the intellectual type, I figure I could track down some insights to the name Krishan by searching for the name. I came across this page on Guru Har Krishan.

Upon seeing the image there I was immediately drawn into the entry.

I found this line to be of much interest:


Particularly, the local Muslim population was much impressed with the purely humanitarian deeds of the Guru Sahib and nicknamed him Bala Pir (child prophet).


People that cross social and religious barriers in the interest of healing and Spirit are grand indeed.
This note was also interesting, as I love walking sticks and used to have a great stick collection as a child


The Guru was always carrying a stick with him.


Now I am not specifically versed in the process of Spiritual Name giving, but I am lead to believe that I am tied into the energy of Guru Har Krishan.

I look forward to becoming closer to this energy. Meditate upon it I will.
Krishan Singh

4 Responses

  1. Roman Alberto Says:

    nice site

  2. Wendy Kublin Says:

    I am looking for some help searching for me my spiritual name Wendy
    I do you at teh Dahn Center here in AZ.

    Thanks Wendy
    I also have a friend Veronica who is searching for hers as well.

  3. hershel Says:

    Hello Wendy

    I am unsure the process for Spiritual Name giving through a Dahn Center. Should you find out please visit back here and let us know.

    In order to gain a Kundalini Yoga name one is highly encouraged to pick up practice for some time. Then you may request through the 3HO.

  4. hargobind Says:


    this blog is tight. congrats on the name.


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