Kirtan with Ragani is a Great Experience

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My family and I were very fortunate to attend a Kirtan with Ragani last night at Madison’s Overture Center.  It was my first Kirtan in this lifetime, and WOW what an experience.  It was like attending a rock concert, and jacking up the group energy ten times.

Kirtan is essentially yoga chanting.  That’s right, one session is just like having a group yoga practice.

Kirtan is an excellent 5th chakra workout.  But in reality it energizes the entire chakra energy system.  This is why people enjoy going to concerts and dancing so much, it allows the charka system to flow very nicely with the music.  The science behind Kirtan is deeper than I am able to explore at this time, but I shall soon enough.  The science of sound (nada yoga) is one of the most sacred and vast subjects, for Ragani and her band to take us through this spiritual journey together is truly amazing.
It is said that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God, or something along those lines.  And thus through sound the Universe came into manifestation.

In her bio Ragani notes that she trained under Swami Rama, a Yoga Master of the Himalayan tradition.  What’s that you say, right here in Wisconsin there is access to a Kirtan of this nature?  Yes, the heart land is, well, filled with heart and as such more and more people that ressonate with this energy are drawn to it.  This energy is also very much so why Madison Wisconsin is viewed as a Yoga Haven.

It was very special for me to be able to share this experience with my lovely future bride and my daughter.  My little one has a natural affinity for performing, and it is nice for her to have Ragani and this experience to look up to.

I am pumped to get to another Kirtan event!  I’ll be sure to post them from time to time here as a reference resource for ya.

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