First Chakra, Grounding for the Earth

3:06 pm 1st Chakra- Root

As we celebrate Earth Day, we focus our energy towards grounding and healing the planet, as well as ourselves.

Oh yeah, another great reason to live in Madison is our attention to the environment. Earth day was founded right here by our former Governor Nelson.

In reviewing this site I noticed that I had been lacking in my focus on the root chakra. This center is of importance for it helps to ground people in the energies of the Earth Plane.

Kundalini Yoga has many exercizes one can do to faciliate energy flow through the first chakra. Standing poses in general work on grounding, and as such strengthen the first chakra.

But there are many other typical daily activities that we has humans can do in order to work our root, or base chakra.

Walking is one of the best things for the first center. Go figure so many people tell ya to get out and walk. Just think, with each step you take you become more connected to the Earth.
Being out in nature is also a means to increase the flow of energy through the base center. Camping is a great means to achieve this, but things like spending times along the lakes (Madison is great for this with the isthmus and all,) or hiking through mountains are also great for this center.
One thing I need to do soon is get into some planting. Nurturing plants from seed, placing them into the ground, and maintaining can be very theraputic. In fact one can imagine the roots of that which is planted forming the foundation of ones roots in this world. The stronger and healthier the plant the more solid ones personal foundation.
I probably should also note, that the root chakra has to do with survival. As such, when one is balanced in that center it tends to manifest as financial resources as well, since finances are a key point for survival in the present era.

With that being said, go for a walk, connect with the earth, may you be grounded and secure in your environment.

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