Not so Spontaneous Kundalini Rising

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The Yoga Journal came out with an interesting e-newsletter the other day. The title was Kundalini Rising.

I read on and noticed the following

“Recently I’ve heard of several people experiencing spontaneous kundalini awakenings. There seems to be a good deal of mystery, hearsay, and, in some cases, even fear surrounding this phenomenon.”

First of all there is no such thing as “Spontaneous” Kundalini Rising
The Law of Karma, Cause and Effect, is still in play. If one experiences a rising of Kundalini energy it is because that one has done work towards its rising, either in this life, or in the culmination of serveral lives.

As for the mystery, well, might I suggest one study Kundalini Yoga. I feel that the glamour of the mystery is removed by a steady practice and study of Kundalini Yoga.

I am not surprised by the recent trend of more frequent risings. The energies of Aquarius are transitioning into force now, and as the Water Bearer (who is actually an Air Sign) brings the Waters of Life more and more people are attuning themselves to the energies. I suspect from a certain point of view, one could also say that the energies are attuning more and more people as well.

The article on Is it Safe to Awaken the Snake has some interesting tid bits.

Personally I cannot imagine an awakening experience that is like a bad drug trip. I am not saying it is not possible, but I would suspect a person who experiences this may not have a properly prepared nervous system. I would suggest a Kundalini Yoga practice to help regulate the nervous system.

The article goes on to state that Western Hatha practicioners experience the awakening less often than others.  Might I suggest Kundalini Yoga if you are truly interested in the awakening process.  That being said Mr. Iyengar provides excellent perspective on how to work towards Union, or rising of the Kundalini
My view is that there is little one can do to “induce an awakening” it comes from a sound practice.  A Wise Teacher helps in the process as well.
Oh and if you are really reading the signs, you may come across the note that they Mayan Calander is set to end in 2012, at such time we are due in for an Awakening. I have a feeling that those who are experiencing rising Kundalini at this time will help faciliate the Awakening transition for humanity.

Stay tunned.

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  1. David Says:

    I have found this information interesting. I think the following page covers the dangers of Kundalini Yoga very well

  2. Jamie Says:

    Have you ever experienced this awakening? I read the article you are referring to, how does one know when this has happened? Is it just one single time or does it re-occur or stay once it’s happpened? what do you imagine it would feel like for one to know they have experienced it ? do you think it is possible for one to talk themselves into believing they have experienced this even though they have not? Would you compare it to “enlightenment”?

    thanks future husband yogi hersh!

  3. hershel Says:

    Good questions,

    I’ve experienced awareness of my base and crown chakras at the same time and the flow of energy between them.

    Actually one may not always know when this occurs. The subtle is sometimes overlooked.

    It can occur one single time, it can re-occur and in a few it can become consistent.

    I would guess often times people mis-understand an experience for an awakening.

    Enlightenment is a vast subject, but yes it can be viewed as comparable from certain points of view.

  4. hershel Says:

    David, provided one studies with a well trained teacher, and or Master, the “dangers” are minimized. One must always be mindful when dealing with energy. The benefit of balancing the chakras, and I mean benefit to the world, are grand in scope.

    The danger lies when people who don’t understand what they are dealing with find information that is not Truth.

    There is no danger in attending a Kundalini Yoga class. The methods and instruction are sound. The karma of the individual who attends brought them to that class so that they can learn safely.

    Thank you for sharing your perspective.

  5. thoth Says:

    I would like to comment on the statement “First of all there is no such thing as “Spontaneous” Kundalini Rising”.
    While your motivation of this bold statement might hold value, nonetheles, I know spontaneous Kundalini risings do occur, because I recently experienced one. Spontaneous, because at the time I wasn’t involved in any “spiritual” activities at all (on the contrary). While at the time of occurence, I did not value it to be a blessing due to the extreme discomfort it caused, I do now know that I was indeed blessed by fire.
    Additionally, I would like to comment on the statement “Personally I cannot imagine an awakening experience that is like a bad drug trip.” You are probably very fortunate not to be able to imagine this.
    Personally, I can image this, because I experienced one. Although in the end, it all worked out very well indeed, initially I experienced some extremely scary stuff. I don’t want to go into too much detail, because I don’t want to scare anyone of, and most of it is very subjective anyway, but depending on one’s personality, it can become a rough ride.
    A ride one simply has to “ride out” and which is well worth it, but rough anyway, especially without proper guidance.

    To end on a positive note, I agree that humankind is heading towards a major eye-opener.

  6. hershel Says:

    Greetings Toth the Atlantean,

    Do you claim to be the Egyptian God? Or are you simply closely familiar with his work?

    Please don’t take this the wrong way, but in your Soul’s history real work was done for a Kundalini Rising to take place.

    You even call it a blessing itself now.

    I am sorry that it was a challenging experience for you, we all must go deep within ourselves so that we may grow.

    Perhaps your experience is a good reminder that we ought to seek out the Teachers that have the experience to show us the way safely. I would tend to suggest finding a Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

    I am glad that you agree with are headed towards an eye opener.

    Bring on the Light.

  7. thoth Says:

    No, I do not claim to be the Thoth from the Egyptian pantheon.
    As I stated, the motivation for your statement might hold value. But for the unexpecting individual the Awakening can indeed, by all means and measures, be spontaneous.
    I certainly agree that one should seek proper guidance but while I understand your obvious tendency towards a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, of which most probably do qualify, I know there are others who are at least equally qualified.
    Additionally, I feel some resentment towards the “ownership” that some Kundalini yogis seem to claim towards Kundalini. The term “Kundalini” is obviously culturally charged, and the same “notion” exists in other cultures as well.
    Her force is universal, for the benefit of All and not to be taken (sektarious or not) ownership of.
    Do not misinterpret me here. I do not want to discredit the good work you obviously do with this website, and I do see immense value in the Kundalini Yoga kriyas. I just want to put things into perspective.

  8. hershel Says:

    I gotcha, you are talking of a perspective which tends to be current life time based. This makes sense, and actually I cannot currently claim knowledge of several lifetimes so I can appreciate your statement.

    I also suspect there are others that are qualified, however, I can recommend in this forum, Kundalini Yoga Teachers.

    No need for resentment here, I think a true yogi would not tend to claim Kundalini exclusively for themselves, it wouldn’t make any sense. And you are right Kundalini should be for the benefit of all.

    thank you for your perspective, this is why we share things here :-)

  9. Kara-Leah Masina Says:

    I too experienced a Kundalini awakening that I refer to as spontaneous, because I wasn’t consciously working toward it. At the time, I didn’t know what it was, just that what I had experienced was something spiritual.

    My experience culminated in psychosis, two separate episodes a lunar month apart (right on the new moon), and I was committed to an acute psych ward. The doctors diagnosed me as bipolar, and put me on medication.

    Fortunately, I was aware enough to know that their interpretation was incorrect, and I continued to look for understanding as to what I had experienced.

    My experience was precipitated by a mix of yoga, meditation and drug use – I was using marijuana, mushrooms and acid to ‘expand’ my mind… I hadn’t strengthened the nervous system properly, I wasn’t under any guidance, none of my yoga teachers (I dabbled doing classes here, classes there…) saw what was happening to me either.

    Today I teach yoga, and have started doing kundalini yoga via Anmol Mehta’s wonderful website. I am still not working with any teachers or guru because there is no one where I live.

    What you say about there being no such thing as a spontaneous Kundalini rising resonates with me completely. I have always been spiritually inclined, and even though I didn’t know what I was doing, I had been working with Kundalini for a number of years before it finally exploded.

    There were elements of my experience that were similar to a bad trip – I was ‘aware’ and watching my thoughts, which were tripping at the speed of light, and although I desperately wanted it all to stop… I couldn’t make it.

    I have written about my experiences on my website, if anyone is interested.

    Great to have found your site, already have got a lot of value from it.

    Much joy,

  10. hershel Says:

    Greetings Kara-Leah

    Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    In reading through your response, I must admit I was inclined to edit your comments around drug use, as I do NOT endorse it at this site. However, it has been a part of your experience and as such should be shared so that others may understand.

    If you get an opportunity, I would highly suggest finding a teacher that can assist you in your journey. Again, it is ideal to learn from certified instructors live and in person.

    As I see you are in NZ, might I suggest attending an upcomin seminar by William Meader, you can visit and get some insights that may prove as value.

    Keep up the yoga, and I am sure your teacher will happen upon your path

    Sat Nam

  11. justin Says:

    is happening now, between my base and mainly heart , should i ground my self in base things of should i alloe=w the energy to keep building -at times i feel like a pressure cooker . its like peaking after taking a really strong
    e ,has been building pu for the last week or so.. thanks justin

  12. hershel Says:

    Sat Nam,

    I suggest you find a local teacher that can help you to integrate the energy you are dealing with.

    Bless you ~ ~

  13. fisheyes Says:

    It seems to be frequently reported that teachers and gurus Fail to care for and guide students in their tutelage who have K experiences.

  14. hershel Says:

    Thank you for sharing your perspective here.

    If a guru fails, then they are not a true Guru.

    Students need to carefully follow the technology that is presented to them. This is a reason why it is good to take classes from certified Kundalini Yoga instructors, they provide the technology in it’s proper format. Not Ego adaptations that are made by others.

    Follow the instructions provided by Master Yogi Bhajan, and you shall be just fine. In fact you will be excellent.

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