Spring Cleanse- Prep for Spiritual Work

6:58 pm Eat Healthy

I am on day 3 of a spring cleanse of my system through diet. Suzanne Monroe, recently gave a tele conference on how to cleanse the system. The primary diet changes are no white sugars.

Let me tell ya, I never realized how addicted I was to white sugar, until I took it out of my diet. Overall I am very pleased with the diet, aside from a craving or two. It consists of eating healthy and I am a fan of that, more vegies, more fruits and I can even have organic protien (chicken and fish which are my saving graces for this diet, I realize a traditional yoga diet does not include meat, but I am not there yet.)

The all natural Fruit Smoothies are a lot of fun to make and drink!

This Spring Cleanse is actually well timed for a very busy spiritual weekend ahead. This Friday I go to listen to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

And then on Saturday I am headed to the Lake Geneva Yoga conference.

A rather synchronistic event occured to me then, I received a Yoga Journal e-letter that mentioned a recent public teaching given by the Dalia Lama. The Yoga Journal is putting on the conference I am attending right after I listen to the Dalia Lama’s public lecture. Talk about being in the flow.

I am interested to see if this cleanse can help to faciliate a higher vibration, and I suspect that the events I have planned for this weekend will be good testing grounds.

Be well

Krishan Singh

aka Hershel

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