Dalai Lama, Madison WI Public Lecture

3:56 pm Raja Yoga Kundalini Yoga & Chakras Balancing

Compassion the Source of Happiness

Event type: Conference

Date: 2007-05-05

Rating: 4 out of 5


Was the first feeling evoked by His Holinesses’ presence and the large audience gathered before him.

I was recently very fortunate to particpate in a public lecture here in Madison, WI given by the Dalai Lama. Overall it was a very good session, however, it was sometimes difficult to fully understand what the Dalai Lama was expressing in English, which made it rather mentally difficult to ponder the deeper meanings he conveyed.

Here are some notes I took during the discussion. I hope you may find them to be of value to you! When I read, The Art of Happiness, my outlook on life took a step up a notch.

- First and formost His Holiness is extremely humble, he has a very relaxed, peaceful demeaner about him.

- Compassion is the source of Happiness, and happiness is a basic human right. All of humanity deserves to be free from suffering.

- Human beings are unique to this planet due to our mental capacity, the concept of memory is interesting for a memory can serve as a source of happiness, or a source of pain

- Visualization (imagination) is a powerful human ability- (My perspective is that we shall se this more in more in the near future as our meditation processes evolve and become more main stream)

- His Holiness encourages humanity to take care of the Earth and respect nature, wahoo bring on the tree hugging ;-)

- A challenge is the concept that a one century old event can cause disturbances even now

- The more colorful a life is the better

- Love, compassion and patience should be cultivated (The Dalai Lama is truly amazing, where ever he goes he shares these with people)

- Our society has caused different types of friends, they are not all true friends, some are only friends of Power, or only friends of Money, if the Power or the money is to go away, then the friendship goes away. These are not true friends and in these relations the appropriate aspects are not cultivated.

- Fear is the underlying root of suffering, the underlying root of anger, when we get to the bottom of our emotions and uncover the fear we can reduce the fear, this increases confidence and increases the Will

- Compassion strenghtens the immune system (It is said that when we give a vacuum of sorts is created, and that by law the universe has not choice but to fill that vacuum with something, a strong immune system must come with the vacuum as well.)

- Emotions tend to interlink, so a memory or image of one thing can spark feelings of another (this would be true in fear and true in love)

- Besing consistent, weather enemy or friend, that’s true compassion (love your enemies)

- Mothers provide their babies milk, this is a most basic concept of compassion, this gift or relation between Mother and child, builds the childs capacity for compassion.

- His Holiness has a strong determination in the early morning to shape his mind for the rest of the day

- The Dalai Lama stated strongly that we are currently dealing with several man made problems and if Man made the problems, then we can unmake them- (strong applause from crowd)

- We must think of the human family and find solutions through peaceful means (strong applause)

- We must educate the younger generation, so that they can gracefully change the world when they are the leaders in a society that will be different than what it is today (this struck a cord with me, a while back one of my teachers said I could play a role with children, of course the word children can mean a lot of things when dealing with esoteric language, regardless I have an idea to help children, so thank you Mr. Dalai Lama for germinating the seed.)

Please note, none of these notes are exact, they are based on my interpretation, and understanding so I apologize if they are not spot on.

That’s it for my notes, there are some great words to live by in there and some concepts that bear reflection.

What’s your reaction to the event notes?


18 Responses

  1. hershel Says:

    sounds interesting, can’t say i can make a trip to Malaysia at this moment, but who knows what the future may bring…

  2. suanne martel Says:

    nonsense !!!!!!!!!!!
    they are making money.

  3. hershel Says:

    hello Suanne, who is making money? I am not sure I follow properly…

  4. sairam Says:

    My personel experince i think it does not apply to everybody. It got nothing to do the pratice, but one should b bless to succeed….
    Most people do not have the money to attend the coures some borrow to attend the course, but no result Why???????
    I personelly belive if Guruji can spend sometime for those who really need his guide i mean he should do something do this followers who are not greedy but the facts is they only want what a human need in life. For me and my wife wants to live healthy, peacefully with divine guruji , parasakthi bless. pls help us GURUJI…

  5. hershel Says:

    It sounds like there may be some differing perspectives around Guruiji here. Please be mindful while researching, I cannot endorse what I do not have first hand experience of.

  6. Gary Says:

    Why on earth would the Dalai Lama, who is widely acclaimed as a man of peace, lower himself by shaking hands with the world’s biggest warmonger, war criminal, the Butcher of Baghdad and Fallujah, George W. Bush? I just lost any shred of respect I had for the Dalai Lama.

  7. hershel Says:

    To lose respect for a man who works to spread peace, seems rather harsh.

    the more peaceful people who shake the hands of men like George W Bush the better. Perhaps peace, will then rub off on them :-)

  8. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  9. hershel Says:


    I am not personally familiar with Guruji, nor do I know how he was mentioned here around the Dailai Lama.

    Read these comments mindfully.

  10. danish Says:

    ya..tats true guruji powers no one have in the world now,after we attend the classes we must follow the correct way to do the yoga,then sure we will succeess its very useful for our lifetime…….

  11. Kumar Says:

    Do the people who follow this Yoga Sakthi nonsense, and who proclaim that the money-making husband and wife are gurus and God, know anything about God, spirituality, Kundalini Yoga?

    These couple have had them all on. It is a pity that we have still amidst us such fools who go after shiny glass fragments not knowing that there are real glittering diamonds!

    I am willing to take anybody here on to prove that Yoga Sakthi is unadulterated tosh, and its methodology is fake, and the Datok and his Datin are charlatans!

    Anyone here willing to challenge me?

  12. Kumar Says:

    Krishnamuthy and Settu, just challenge me to prove the fallacy of your claims. I shall prove from all living religions that the Datuk and Datin are Wrong!, and that their so-called rubbishy teachings have no basis in any self-respecting religions in this world today.

    Please take me on.

  13. Krishan Says:


    I’m not really sure how we got on this thread, but I figured it seemed like you folks needed a place to communicate some things.

    I am neither for nor against anything you have all been saying.

    But please be respectful of all religious perspectives here. No need for challenges, no right and wrong. All of our world’s great religions lead to the Infinite, for all of them are from the Infinite.

    Sat Nam
    Praise Ala

    and any other prayerful closings I shall learn in the future :-)

  14. Kumar Says:


    Why aren’t we respectful of some religious perspectives that condone ‘inappropriate behavior? Why do we condemn others that encourage ‘violence’ (in the name of their religions)? Are we also tolerant of some ‘religious perspectives’ that believe in conversions?

    Where we would have to put of our foot down to debunk myths, we should. That is the minimum that a responsible, mature person does. And I am enormously astonished to see that you have put the Datuk-Datin cult on a par with the great religions of the world.

    I am equally amazed that you believe that there is ‘no right and wrong’. If so, why correct me — after all, I am as right as you, or you could be as wrong as me!

    If all religions have come from Him, and if all will take us back to Him, why do we judge the ‘Children of God’ (the cult that promotes sex).

    By the way, which amongst those great religions you have studied that say “All of our world’s great religions lead to the Infinite, for all of them are from the Infinite.”??

  15. Krishan Says:

    Greetings Kamur

    I’ve been referring to the worlds Great Religions, not cults.


    There are other belief systems here and there with an appropriate worship or Spirit or Goddess, but by in large the 6 above are the ones I mean.

    As for the Datuk-Datin, I am really not that familiar with them, as noted by myself many times previously here. It just some happened that many of them came across this site and started commenting, so I allowed them a place to voice something. I cannot judge what I have not experienced.

    Now if you want to get technical even the religions that the masses do not consider to be religions are from the Infinite, however, that does not mean that perhaps those religions do not have things proper in their minds. Man is filled with ego, ego polluts the mind and focuses religions belief in inappropriate manners sometimes.

    I consider myself to be a Christian Hindu, that just happens to practice select Sikh traditions. I studied Buddhist philosophy in college.

    I am not as versed as I would like to be in Judaism and Islam.

  16. Kumar Says:

    Sorry to say this, Krishan, from the following comment, I can say you are utterly confused:

    “I consider myself to be a Christian Hindu, that just happens to practice select Sikh traditions. I studied Buddhist philosophy in college.”

    It is a sign of one who is ill-disciplined and irredeemably confused.

    There is nothing at all wrong in eating Chee Cheong Fun, for instance. And Saambaar is also a food that we eat, and so is Chendol.

    But can you imagine someone pouring Chendol into Saambaar, and in turn, pour this concoction onto Chee Cheong Fun, and eat it?

    Unadulterated tommyrot!

    Every food has its grammar. And it should be eaten the way that it is meant to be.

    Similarly, one cannot be a Christian (with the capital “C”) yet practise Hinduism, and follow tenets of “select Sikh traditions”, and have a Buddhistic world view. Just plain balderdash!

    It is just all egoism. Not a sign of a sadhak. Surely not a hopeful symptom of one who will not return to earth.

  17. Krishan Says:

    My friend,

    I am calling you this because I respect your opinion, and you are open enough to dialog with me here.

    This is one thing that I am not confused on at all. Might I suggest you pick up The Second Coming of Christ, the Resurrection of Christ within you. By Paramahansa Yogananda. I’m only half way through, but he does a Masterful job of yoking one being a Christ-ian and following the Yogic path. The step to Hinduism is minor.

    It’s interesting, because from my perspective, much of the World seems confused on this matter, yet I can see the light.

    In my yoga room, Sri Krishna and Ganesha are very much at peace with the sign of the Cross near by.

    God bless you.

  18. Kumar Says:


    Hiding behind inane words will not help you hide away from the Truth, Krishna.

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