Satya Definition

8:23 pm Yoga Glossary

Satya is also one of the Yamas, like ahimsa.

Satya is defined as speaking about what is true.  (One may get an interesting 5th chakra pulse when this occurs.)  As noted earlier here Sat means Truth, or Be-ness.  Now Satya is typically interpreted as not lying, and although this interpretation holds true it does not fully communicate the Truth of its proper definition.

When one speaks about what is True, they are speaking Truth.  This is how we may consider Satya.

Definition taken via notation process during the 8 Limbs- The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’s session during the Yoga Journal Conference.

Now we can take Satya to another level.  When one is integrated with the term Satya fully, we could say that which they speak of comes true.  Or, they have certain manifestation powers.  When we think about the concept that in the beginning there was the Word and the Word was with God, we have a higher level concept of what True Satya Is.

In order to speak the Truth, we must discover the Truth.

May your journey help you discover your Truth, and sound it forth.

Sat Nam

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