Yoga Provides Treatments for Depression, Anxiety and Epilepsy

6:21 pm Science of Yoga

That’s right, fight depression, anxiety and epilepsy simply by doin yoga!  As if we didn’t know this already ;-)
Gotta give a shout out to the Yoga Journal Buzz blog, for this post.

You can get the news release here.  Boston University and McLean hospital have been doin some research on the effects of yoga.


Using magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging, the researchers compared the GABA levels of eight subjects prior to and after one hour of yoga, with 11 subjects who did no yoga but instead read for one hour. The researchers found a twenty-seven percent increase in GABA levels in the yoga practitioner group after their session, but no change in the comparison subject group after their reading session….Our findings clearly demonstrate that in experienced yoga practitioners, brain GABA levels increase after a session of yoga,” said lead author Chris Streeter, MD, an assistant professor of psychiatry and neurology at BUSM and a research associate at McLean Hospital.” 


The press release also comments that mental health effects a large number of our current population.  (Perhaps the Carter Center will someday have a Mental Health yoga program!
So while these insights are like no brainers to many yogis, the science applied is what is actually important.

If anyone from the study happens upon this I have the following suggestion to add to the study.  Take another sample of folks that have been doing yoga for sometime, have them simply read about yoga and see what the effects are.  One’s mind creates their reality, if one reads about yoga and goes through yoga processes in the mind, I suspect similar results could be achieved.  And now we are gettin into the realm of continual meditation.

Gotta love Yoga

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  1. steve nomm Says:

    I suffer from epilepsy and have been diagnosed with “primary generalized epilepsy”, which neurologists believe may have a genetic factor. Although I am the only member of my family to have been diagnosed with epilepsy, many of my relatives on my father’s side have what seem to be neurological abnormalties although medical diagnosis is difficult and is attributed to “psychological” if not “psychotic” factors. Several of us have quite high I.Q.’s and a few of us border on lunacy (to others, I might add).
    The point being… my condition is well controlled with medications and I have heard of many alternative remedies for the treatment of epilepsy but am highly skeptical since there are numerous types of epilepsy and have first hand experience on the alteration of my prescribed medication, or the wrong type of medication given. My neurological test results show that I have extreme swings in the stimulators and the inhibitors of the synapses of my brain nerve network. So one med stimulates and the other med I take inhibits as to achieve a workable balance between the two. I rarely am depressed and have had few bouts of anxiety. I have experieces that some would describe as supernatural or paranormal (a woman calls me by name, many of my dreams are “concrete”, a sense of what will occur, one “vision” (of a trivial future event that did occur) ect…) but which I dismiss as a result of my condition… although I am certain that we are “hard wired” for greater potentials which many people merely call “supernatural”. I subscribe to the ideal of time dilation ( it’s all relative!)because it is a universal law which physics has proven and human energy transfers… every thing is comprised of fields of force. Also I have had an episode in my late teens when some young “warlock” was interested in me for some reason and after several conversations he asked if I would perform an energy transfer ( me pushing energy into him which he tried to “ball”). The result of our endeavour was that an electrical shock went off between our hands, it actually hurt, and he fell to the ground, nearly unconscious, muttering “too much, too much”. I never saw him again. So for all the “weird” stuff that I experience… that is the one experience that was manifested physically, not merely in my head. My wife and daughter are convinced that I can “teleport” as they have seen me come out of rooms that I couldn’t have possibly even entered without them seeing me pass. That’s almost ridiculous to me as I saw them as I passed by, even doing stuff along the way… everything to me was in real time but for them, I supposably just popped out of nowhere. I just think that they weren’t paying attention. This has happened three times in the past four years.
    It’s very hard for me to be taught about what all of this implies because most “psychics” seem wary of me, also there are so may “fake” subscribers and promoters of the”New Age”… possessing monikers such as guru, avatar, messiah, High Spirit… the list goes on and on and most advocate blurbs of others, not there own. It seems to me that people inately want to have special powers and maybe having lived a past life as a great personage in history gives them a higher sense of self-esteem. I don’t really care for all of that… I just want to understand how to develop what “I” know to be real… having epilepsy confuses the whole matter because I feel that something is trying to connect but can’t. But without medication, I will have seizures that can be potentially life threatening.
    It’s within my genes and is directly related to metabolic imbalances. If you can help me in any way, leave a post.

  2. hershel Says:

    Good day,

    You have a very interesting story to tell here.

    There are several energies playing into your story. I can not advise on medical inquiries specifically at this time.

    I cannot say that I can “help” but I may be able to suggest a regular yoga practice to you. Yoga is a means to get in touch with ones Self. As we get in touch with ourselves we start to understand why things are as they are and our role in the scheme of things.

    I would suggest starting a regular practice and finding a certified yoga instructor to assist you on your journey. You will find that as events unfold the proper guidance will be provided to you on what to do next.

    Sat Nam

  3. robin Says:

    Just wondering if there is any kundalini around boston? cant find any. I have severe anxiety and have had a seizure… can you help

  4. hershel Says:

    Greetings, has a Teacher directory, you may try- Jean Stewart Boston

  5. suprabhat Says:

    it is a great pleasure to read your para.

  6. Krishan Says:

    Sat Nam

    I’m glad you enjoy it. If you are lookin to deepen your experience in the subject matter, I’d suggest locating a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor near by and taking a class!

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