Raising Vibration, Let’s Kick it up a Notch

7:52 pm Energy Healing

The journey of raising vibration, for an individual, or group of individuals is of vital importance for evolution.

But hey, it can be a fun topic.  While I regularly talk about raising my vibration in my life, the idea to post about it was inspired by an Ordinary Mystic.  It turns out there was a little web fun, so I thought I’d participate some.

Raising Vibration- Five Ways by Krishan 

  1. Daily Sadhana, early morning Kundalini Yoga practice
  2. Meditation, focusing on brining in more light through meditation
  3. Just say no to alcohol and other depressants, by definition they slow down your rate of vibration (this one is very challenging in our current culture)
  4. Spiritual Reading, get books, lots and lots of books on Spirit, Yoga, Healing, Ancient Wisdom etc. and read read read
  5. Participate in group work, yoga, meditation, kirtan…the group energy works for the benefit of all, the unit as a whole is able to receive higher energies, especially when a rather evolved individual is among its members
  6. Spend loving time with family and friends, brothers and sisters (okay i know it said 5, but this one is important too)

The more soul infused one becomes the higher their rate of vibration.  The higher the vibration of an individual, the higher the vibration of the group, or groups that individual belongs to.  The higher the vibratory rates of the groups within humanity, the higher the vibration of Humanity.  The higher the vibration of Humanity the higher the vibration of the Planet.  This trend keeps stepping up levels as we take a macro perspective to things.

Just think, this chain of events can all start with just 1.  The 1 becomes the many.

Sat Nam

3 Responses

  1. OptimistLab.com Says:

    Hey there!

    Thanks for playing the High Vibes Game!

    Can’t wait to see which posts you submit, from the bloggers you tagged, to “high Vibe it”!

    Cardin Lilly
    (home of the High Vibes Game)

  2. Chris Says:

    Hi! Yes, saying no to alcohol is difficult for me and I can tell the negative effect it has on higher vibrations. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. hershel Says:

    No problem Chris, it’s not easy for me too sometimes.

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