Journey to the Kadavul Hindu Temple in Kauai

8:00 pm 7th Chakra- Divine

As you may be able to tell by my recent wedding reading post and long posting lapse, I’ve recently been married to the love of my life Jamie.

Since we are newlyweds, we went on a honeymoon to the beautiful island of Kauai. Now Kauai, and all the islands of Hawaii, are very strong with mana, also known as prana. This strong presence of divine energy is great for the soul and truly helps to recharge. While on the island we learned of the Kadavul Hindu Temple. We always like to take in some spiritual experience when we travel so we thought this would be an ideal place to visit.
It was our first time to a Hindu temple, so we got to take in some of the customs. Outside the temple there is a pot that is used to burn pieces of paper. On the paper one places their troubles, or concerns. The physical act of writing them down brings energy to the paper. Then one burns the paper as a means of relieving those concerns. It’s a great process and I intend to use it round my fire place into the future.

We then came across a statue of Lord Ganesha. I am a big fan of Ganesha, as He is the remover of obstacles, now he may from time to time place them in the way as well, but one need only get to know him a bit to understand this.
Just outside of the temple we happened across a Banyon Tree grouping, with a statue of a Deity. We decided to take our picture. We asked a nice couple to take a photo with our digital camera. They snapped one and said, there is something wrong with your camera, there is a light around you. We encouraged them to take the photo, then another. Then we looked at the photo and noted a most miraculous aura round us.

You don’t have to be psychic to see these auras.

Auras Hindu Temple Kauai

The rational mind of the gent said, “it’s the angle of the sun…” This is true from some respect, after all what we see is simply reflections of solar light, but this indeed caught our spiritual auras. I believe them to be light blue and white. Inside the temple, we actually received a color chart, and these imply:

Light Blue- high spiritual feelings

White- pure spirit, renders other colors clearer.

Now talk about spiritual magic. I was in awe simply be being present at this location, after noting this pic I was captivated by the power of this location. As I should be for this temple was built on a Vision of God.

(I should probably note here that I am a believer in all faiths. My view is that their are many paths to the one Source and that all the great religions of the world are simply avenues towards the One Truth.)

There are no photos allowed inside the temple, but let me say it is absolutely wonderful to behold. The walls are lined with statues of Lord Siva performing the Universe dance, each one in a different pose. In the center of the room was a Vedic Astrology chart, which mapped the current status of the planetary bodies in the solar system. Astrology is another side hobby of mine, I hope to find time to study more in depth in the future.

In the center of the temple is a huge 700 pound perfectly aligned quartz crystal, Sivalingham. There are a couple of interesting stories that go along with this crystal. Turns out it was located in Arkansas, the soul responsible for the founding of the temple of Kauai, Gurudeva (this could translate as guru of the Gods) had a vision of it’s location in the mind. He spoke with one of his studies who also had been dreaming of the crystal and instructed her to go ask the mine owner for the crystal. The owner denied it, she told this to Gurudeva, Gurudeva informed her to try again, the owner denied it again, she again told this to Gurudeva who insisted he had the crystal. Third time is the charm and soon after the cyrstal was secured. Now this is no ordinary 700 pound crystal, it is perfectly formed with now human alterations. The geological location of the crystal does not make scientific sense either. (While at the temple we picked up a few crystals found in the same mind.) The Sivalingham is placed directly in front of a beautiful statue of Siva.

The temple is also located along a series of 7 sacred spots as noted by the Ancient Hawaiian’s, this spot representing the crown.

While at the temple Jamie and myself took part of a puja, a spiritual ceremony. It was a great experience, and I look forward to participating again someday.

I should note that the Kadavul temple is only temporary until they finish their Iraivan Temple, which means “He who is worshipped” The temple is set to be completed in 2012. While visiting I was told that the Iraivan Temple is one out of 108, a sacred number, temples in India. It was told that this temple has already been completed in Heaven and is in the process of reaching complete physical manifestation. I tried to do some digging on this online and only came across these sites which I am not versed enough to comment on their legitimacy at this time. One thing I did notice is that there are 108 temples for Lord Vishnu, and the Iravian Temple is very much a temple of Siva. Then again, MahaVishnu could very well be a same entity as to the Lord Siva worshiped in the Iraivan Temple.

I strongly encourage all to visit this sacred, magical location!

As revealed by the picture here, the times are shifting, 2012 is just 5 years away. Humanity needs to prepare for the energies of Aquarius. Might I suggest Kundalini Yoga a journeys to sacred places.
Krishan Singh

ps- if anyone has any additional insights into the legend of the 108 temples I would be most interested?? comments welcome

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  1. s.shangaranarayanan Says:

    Dearest Divine Brother,

    Nice to read the above. In fact I have with me a book containing 10000 names of Lord Siva written alphabetically (51 sanskrit alphabets) without repetition in sanskrit and tamil. if you need it I can send one to you with my compliments.
    I have already written to the Maha Sannidhanam at the Hawai ashram that I am interested to energise the spatika (Crystal) lingam if given an opportunity with total divinity as per mantra-tantra-yantra sastras, so that humanity at large, nay even in-animate and animate objects in the whole of the universe will be benefited. I do hope Divine Mother gives me an opportunity to do so.
    I am sure exchange of our spiritual vibrations as “prana ahuthi” will certainly benefit everyone.

  2. hershel Says:

    Thank you for the comments Brother,

    You mention prana ahuthi, can you please elaborate on this for the readers here?

  3. s.shangaranarayanan Says:

    Prana-ahuthi – Prana means the life principle(soul) in every human being – that is the very own soul which is pure and divine and without any afflictions. The mind and body are alone affected by actions and reactions and not the soul.
    “Ahuthi” means to pour or offer. Every one perhaps know about havans (homams) being done in India, in which into the fire ghee and other articles are offered. Offering ghee etc., into the fire is called “ahuthi”. This is done with the sanskrit word “swAhA” at the end of each mantra.

    Great saints who have reached that “State” of oneness with the Divine energy, have the same energy OF THE UNIVERSAL DIVINE in their souls also. That means there is no difference between the universal energy and individual energy. Such saints are capable of transmitting their divine soul energy to their devotees and disciples and this is called “Prana Ahuthi”.
    When we do the worship of Divine Mother “Sakthi” we draw OUT the individual soul energy through a process taught by the guru, instal the same into the agni (fire) OR SRICHAKRA and make all offerings – MANTRA, MATERIAL ETC., the essense of such offerings being carried by the Agni devatha to the determined recipient – Gods. After the puja and conclusion of the havan, the soul is taken back and reinstalled into its original place with the divine energy added to it – INTO ONE’S HEART.
    So it would be understood that in the sakthi worship, the worship, worshipper and the worshipped all become one and there is no difference.This is called “Triputi” (3). That is why the trisula is said to represent the triputi, where the destruction of ego is indicated and not the destruction of any individual, be it a demon.
    Even in the case of mantra initiation, the Guru should be capable of transmitting to the disciple the quint-essence of the mantra divine energy – for instance durga – whereby the guru and disciple become one with the energy and the relationship of guru and sishya ends there. There is no obligation on either of them. That capacity to transmit the divine energy is called “Prana ahuthi”.
    Most important is that when one offers the soul which is in himself to the divine (universal soul), there is no rejection, because of identical qualities and similarities, and they merge easily with one another. For this interaction for integration is a pointer, whereby the Guru (God) and sishya becomes one – soul to soul contact – and there is no intercourse of body and mind contacts. One can experience this very well for which meditation is essential, as meditation is “getting” and prayer is “begging”.

  4. hershel Says:

    Thank you kindly for the clarification,

    This information is most useful.

    be well

  5. tom Says:

    When I was a child, my family was there. I thought temples were dumb and got bored so my mom took me outside and we hung around that tree. I remember a nice couple taking a picture of us that also turned out strange. What I really remember about them was that they seemed a little out of place, and really wanted to hold our camera and make sure the picture was alright.
    My parents had subsribed to a resort paper when we were out there, and a couple weeks later there was a story about a couple that got lost in the forests and only their camera was found near a temple. The article published a picture from the camera of the same people who took our picture, near that same tree. When I showed my mom she freaked. Somehow I had missed that the article was about the 50th anniversary of the couples disappearance.

  6. hershel Says:

    Tom, you tell an interesting story.

    I do believe that this is simply a story for entertainment purposes, which is just fine, we all could use some entertainment from time to time.

    What are your thoughts on Darshan, and increasing its flow through Kundalini Yoga practicioners by brining more people to Kundalini Yoga?

    Care to illuminate some visitors…

  7. Daniel Says:

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Chakras Balancing, Chakra Healing Resource, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  8. hershel Says:

    Hello Daniel, this article is about my personal journey to the Kadavul Temple in Hawaii. If you surf around some of the other pages on my site you’ll find additional resources on chakras, may i suggest you read the page The Seven Chakras.

  9. summer wynnd Says:

    i am soo interested in balancing my life and my mental as well as physical. I have started mantra’s found my yantra but i really want teachings i live in the south suburbs of chicago il.
    is there anywhere i can go study? i am an african american, but I know my ancestory practiced the hindu religions. i know this. please give me some ideas. i have started my yoga, but i need classes.

  10. Krishan Says:

    Balance is key to life, don’t forget about balancing the spiritual aspect of your self as well. Mind, body and Spirit, a trinity of sorts.

    Mantras are great for integration. I happen to be half African American as well. Not a hint of Hindu in my biological ancestroy that I am aware of, but that doesn’t stop me. I consider myself a Christian Hindu with regular Sikh tendancies ;-) Only reason I don’t practice Islam, or Judiasm, is that I haven’t gotten around to em yet. All of the worlds great religions are simply different paths to God.

    If you are looking for clases and you live near Chicago, then get yourself to Spirit Rising Yoga. Tell Shiva Singh and Shabad Kaur Krishan says Sat Nam.

  11. summer wynnd Says:

    thank you

  12. Ashleigh Lasky Says:

    sorry, as a photographer, it’s because you are wearing white in a low light area. I am not the least bit spiritual but I am a fair haired, fair skinned girl who frequently wears white, thus I have A LOT of photos like this one. It’s a nice thought though.

  13. Krishan Says:

    Hi Ashleigh,

    I’m open to your perspective as a photographer.

    Could you please tell me where the blue color comes from?

    Also, why does light in a low light area produce a glow in this manner?

    okay, I’ll be honest, even if you provide an exoteric scientific explaination I’ll still say it’s our aura.

  14. j josef Says:

    “okay, I’ll be honest, even if you provide an exoteric scientific explaination I’ll still say it’s our aura.”

    I almost chocked to death while I read your above comment. It’s classic man, we all would like to think we are the chosen ones with auras and stuff. Just wanted you to know, you are not alone, I also often think that I’m in an advance stage of spiritual growth than most people.

  15. Krishan Says:

    Please don’t choke on my account, but I am glad you got a good laugh.

    My view is that it is the location which is most directly responsible for creating an environment for an aura to be seen naturally.

  16. Adam Says:

    Well guys.. I’m not insisting that u think if someone has an aura they’re chosen, or spiritually high. but I’m quite sure that it’s scientifically proven that everything alive, even rocks have auras. i do must say that the picture does seem to be in a good environment for a bright glair from the clothing.. but. there is blue, as someone here noted. plus, if u look near both of their heads, u can see a bubble; their connection through love. as the male in the photo stated it was their honeymoon i believe. plus it’s proven that people share the same aura tendancies when theyre in love with each other. and even if not, being close will merge ur auras.

    on that cave temple though.. honestly it sounds a lot like paradise.. especially the detail of the crystals littered all over.. beautiful. this location is most definately one of the many i wish to visit on the earth this time around. i can’t imagine how amazing that place must make you feel all over. must’ve been energizing.

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