KRI Teacher Training

12:33 pm 4th Chakra- Heart Center, Teacher Training

I am super pumped, because my KRI Teacher Training Certification program begins this Saturday.

If you have been keepin up with me here, you’ll know that I have been an apprentice of Lisa Lawrence of Madison, for some time now. After years of practice I have come to the realization that it is time for me to deepen my study so that I may be of more service in the future for those whom I teach.

I begin training this Saturday at Spirit Rising Yoga, in Chicago. It is an intense program and is just the discipline/learning experience I am looking for. I intend to keep you all updated right here as I embark on this new step of my journey.

I have a first homework assignment, which I will share with you.

Describe my hopes and expectations of myself during the training program. What are my primary reasons for taking the course?

First, and foremost, I intend to be true to my Self. Not just my personal self, but my higher Self as well. I believe that this training and educational process will provide a unique opportunity for me to align my higher self with my personality so that I may more fully express my soul purpose here on Earth.

I expect that I will perform all homework assignments powerfully and appropriately. I expect that I will deepen my Kundalini Yoga knowledge and experience, while integrating that wisdom into my understanding and journey of Raja Yoga.

I expect that I will learn, and be able to communicate, the scientific approach to unification with one’s soul, using Kundalini Yoga as a technology platform.  I expect that I will be able to incorporate this information into a future, transformational manual which will be leveraged by humanity to further our evolutionary process here on Earth.

I am taking this course, to deepen my yoga knowledge, understanding and practice.  I seek to deepen these items so that I may be of increased service to others, now and in the future.  I hope that a public archive of this journey will be of value to individuals in the future looking for personal growth.

I am taking this course to heal, I am taking this course to grow, I am taking this course to be of increased service.  May it ever be so.

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