Day 1: Teacher Training Class

5:41 pm Teacher Training

What an incredible journey I am in for. I just had my first Teacher Training class.  It was more or less a get to know and understand the course day, but it was extremely educational.

Here are my esteemed Teacher Trainers, Shabad Kaur and Shiva Singh.

Shabad Kaur Shiva Singh

The wisdom from which these two speak from is extremely profound.  Both individuals studied closely under Yogi Bhajan for years.

Shiva Singh speaks from decades of experience.  Shabad Kaur teaches with authority yet subtle nature.  I am truly blessed to be training under these individuals.  The space which they hold at Spirit Rising has a vibration all it’s own.  (Thanks for the teaching!)

Here’s a pic of me after my first day of class, if you zoom in be sure to check the light in the eyes, for that’s what Kundalini Yoga can do for an individual.

Krishan Singh

I hope to get a group shoot of my training class in the future which I will be sure to share.

A few take aways, I’ll note to help commit to memory:

  • Alternate nostril breathing coordinates activity on the opposite brain hemisphere
  • Keep the palms together while performing Sat Kriya to properly circulate energy, a trick is to roll your elbows towards each other
  • We are in a transition stage out of the age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius, it is a difficult time as noted by the media in society
  • I noted the concept of “Atomic Light Bulbs” for that what we can become from a certain point of view
  • All humans are equal in Nobility, and from this an appropriate means of relations develop
  • The Teacher Trainers work to bring the Ancient Teachings alive again (what an honor)
  • We must learn to work from the meditative mind and assess our actions before we take them

There is a profound sense of respect for the teachings and the body of knowledge that is to be communicated to and through the students.

I must admit, the subtle teachings available in the room are very profound.  At times during the practice I heard with my inner ear, “straighten your neck”, a presence guiding me through my soul.  It was quite the experience.

I have started into the text book, and in the first two chapters alone the depth of information has been spectacular.  Simple reading the words on the page and reflecting upon them is a Spiritual act of yoga.

Sat Nam

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  2. hershel Says:

    Sat Nam,

    I am a believer in sharing of perspectives, so I figure I’d let your comment through here.

    I must admit that I have limited of the Sikh faith, but I’m well aware of the Sikh Guru’s. I meditate on their Words daily.

    I fully believe the Guru Ram Das would be very acceptable to the concept of a real Sikh being named Shiva, as a blessing to that individual as to a vibrational frequency which they seek to achieve.

    I can also say that on our class field trip to the gurdwara in Palatine IL, the Sikh community is very accepting of Shiva Singh, in fact he is well respected.

  3. Gurtej Singh Says:

    Gurbani talks of Shiva many times. He is an aspect of Akaal-Purakh or formless God himself. Ikoankaar itself means the IK (one) who manifest into OAN (O for Brahma the creator, A the Presever, and N the Destroyer) which hindu’s meditate on OAM which is the same thing and KAAR (who is the one cause of all). Shiva is a perfectly acceptable name for a SIkh PERIOD!

    Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

  4. Shiva Singh Says:

    Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

    Oh Please, what about Shivcahran, Shivcharanjit, Mahesh, Maheshinder, etc, or popular names like Bobbie, or Shawn, or Rekha….

    Khaistani is misled by political hacks and by British slaves. It says on every page of the SGGS to MEDITATE on the Infinite. Nanak says “Conquer the mind conquer the world” How can one possibly accomplish that without Shabad Guru? Today I helped prepare a Yoga student, yes Yoga for his cremation. We washed his body with rose water kindly and lovingly prepared in the Amrit Vela by another yoga teacher who does Japji Sahib every morning for 4 years in the Amrit Vela.

    We played Japi Sahib and Guru Ram Das shabads while we prepared the body and wrapped a turban on him. His request before leaving the body. At night in his hospital room he would see through his suffering two Sikhs in Bana walking through the garden in the landscape painting on the wall of his hospital room.

    The tender care and love shone by his partner in helping prepare his body, was so far from empty religious ritual that the funeral director emotionally said “Some people pay $12,000 for a funeral and never feel any where near the blessings and satisfaction of what was felt here. What happened here this morning was something special.”

    As his body was cremated we recited Japji Sahib and Kirtan Sohila and the family were moved deeply by its meaning.

    They never heard of Sikhs, nor Gurbani nor what a name was, but were ever grateful that a SIkh of the Guru Amrit Dhari was there to help them at there time of need, when they had no religion to carry them or where the religion of part of the family was not accepted by the others.

    Some one said they appreciated that we created the space for them all to know each other and honor this kind man in his last journey on this earth.

    Phonies? Fakes? Say what you like, but my little son keeps his hair, wears bana proudly, and is kind, courageous and will do simran with eyes closed for ten minutes in the back seat of a car to sooth his anger or rude behavior with out any prompting from his parents and then be beautifully at peace.

    I really and sincerely ask Mr. Khalistani, with out any rudeness or attack meaning you don’t have to take this as an insult, when your child is asked what do your parents do, will they replies “You help people.” Would that make you feel like a fake? Not me.

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