Mens White Yoga Pants

11:43 am Krishan Singh

Does anyone have a good recommendation on where to find mens white yoga pants?

I have found, in the past, that it is challenging enough to find mens yoga pants for purchase.  At the moment more women tend to practice yoga.  I suspect more men will come to yoga over time.

I was able to find my mens white yoga pants at Macy’s, but they are actually pajama pants ;-)

Someday I’ll find a solid supply and let ya all know :-)

be well,

Krishan Singh

9 Responses

  1. Alison Says:

    Sounds like a line of Hershel-branded yoga clothing is in order. Hope all is well!

  2. La Vonne Says:

    You are funny!

  3. Diane Says:

    I just saw an ad in Fit Yoga for They sell 100% cotton one-size-fits-all PURE WHITE yoga pants. I don’t have a pair myself, so I can’t give you a first-hand recommendation. I can say that the from the picture, the pants look quite nice. I could use a pair of white yoga pants for Kundalini class myself, so I think I just might buy a pair. Sat nam!

  4. hershel Says:

    Hey thanks for the Resource Diane!

    Sat Nam

  5. Braingasm Says:

    Try karate pants.

  6. neijia Says:

    judogi pants are excellent as well.

    p.s. I find the infatuation with accessories to be annoyingly materialistic and anti- what yoga is about.

  7. hershel Says:

    thanks for the tip,

    I think yoga is also about living life as your true Self and the true me likes to have fun sometimes and make random posts about the inability to find mens white yoga pants.

    If we want to take it to a yogic perspective, we can simply say that once procured there is a karmic debt that was paid by myself to all the individuals who made that purchase possible ;-)

  8. hargobind Says:

    We just added some men’s ( and womens) yoga clothing–Men/1.aspx


    I think you’ll dig it.

  9. Mago Says:

    For a month I went to and kept trying to get some white yoga pants, and it was forever out of stock.

    I went elsewhere. had them and cheaper. Go figure.

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