Preventing Heart Disease; stop Dis-ease

12:10 pm 4th Chakra- Heart Center, Teacher Training

Preventing heart disease would be a powerful step for humanity as a whole.  Just take a look at all the heart disease medicines there are out there, all kinds of pills to treat all kinds of symptoms.  But treating the symptom does not get at the root of heart disease.  The root of heart disease is truly the dis-ease portion of the term.

As humans matters of the heart have a profound effect on us all.  Difficult situations, emotionally charged incidents that pull on our hearts cause dis-ease in the mind and dis-ease in the body.  This dis-ease over time develops into disease as we typically call it.

So a strong way to prevent Heart Disease, is actually to stop dis-ease within ones heart.  How do we do this?

We must actually go into the emotions, experiences and situations which have caused dis-ease and release them from our energy field.

My first day of Teacher Training, helped to bring up some energetic dis-ease in my heart and throat center.  This dis-ease was present before training and is something that I must work through.  The training simply pulled the dis-ease up a level in my consciousness so that I can work through it.

I’ve started with a Disease Resistance Kriya and have integrated some lions breath pranayama.  I intend to experiment with a kriya for Heart, Shoulders and Circulation as well to aid in my healing.

The purpose of these exercises is to get to the root of my dis-ease, so that I may transmute it and be healed.

If you are looking to prevent heart disease, then might I suggest picking up a Kundalini Yoga practice :-)

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  1. hershel Says:

    Yesterday I was about to try out the heart, shoulder and circulation kriya, when my intuition informed me to look through the book I just received from Teacher Training. I found a Kriya for Disease Resistance and Heart Helper, and so I have been practicing so that I may heal myself and open my heart.

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