There is a Way Through Every Block

10:22 am Teacher Training

The second Aquarian Age Sutra is- There is a way through every block.

In this Age the blocks are many.  Individuals receive pressure from their work environments, their families, their friends, and society as a whole.  This sutra is powerful because it provides a mind set of how to approach blocks/pressures in ones life.  We are given obstacles in life so that we may overcome them and grow from the experience.  A sound knowledge and belief that there is a way through every block provides us guidance and persistence to work our way through these challenges so that we may progress as individuals and as souls.

Sometimes I like to view spiritual progress as a series of plateaus one must reach along the path.  There are several steps leading up to each new plateau, but in order to take the final step before the next great plateau a large block is placed in the way.  This block must be overcome before spiritual progress may unfold upon the new plateau.  The new plateau represents transformation in ones life.

The process of self transformation into Self represents a large block, to many, in and of its own.  There is a way through every block, and thus transformation is activated and achieved.

I suspect there is something to be said for understanding diagonal energy and utilizing it to support ones way through the blocks in life.

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  1. K-L | Be Conscious Now Says:

    I like this description of spiritual progress as a series of plateaus one climbs… lately though, I’ve felt like the plateaus are smaller and smaller and the steps steeper and steeper.

    I’d like to know more about “understanding diagonal energy” – what do you mean by this?

    My progress is marked in the following way:
    I love doing my yoga practice
    Then I feel slight resistance to yoga, but keep practicing
    Then I feel stronger and stronger resistance until I stop practicing
    Finally, I force myself to practice… and on the mat hit this huge reservoir of tears that flow and flow and flow… no thoughts attached to them, hardly even any emotion, just deep, heartfelt tears.
    And then I enjoy practicing again.
    Until the next time.

    Will the tears ever end? Will I ever dig deep enough to release them all?

    Or is this the way yoga will always be for me?

  2. hershel Says:

    As for understanding diagonal energy, well, I actually need to learn more about this as well. If you stay tuned I’ll be sure to update here on my understanding of diagonal energy as it unfolds.

    A resistance to yoga, yet the determination to keep practicing, very interesting. Keep it up :-)

    It sounds to me like you understand that you do have to go deep enough to release all the tears, may your journey unfold well for you.

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