Advanced Yoga Practices

9:52 am Teacher Training

The concept of advanced yoga practices must always be taken into consideration along with the current progress, level of evolution, of the student.  An advanced practice for one individual may simply be to execute all yoga exercises for their required period of time, or the incorporation of pranayam more scientifically into a practice.  I think it is important for seekers to focus more so on what the next step is for them, and less on the “give me the secret advanced yoga practices.”  For me my next step was to take my teacher training classes.
As part of my Teacher Training program I am working to deepen my practice, and so one may say that it is advanced from a certain point of view.  I am advancing from my previous level of practice.

One area I am advancing in, has been the length of time I practice for.  Previously my practice would last every morning between 50 minutes to an hour and a half.  This week, I’ve seen it grow to 2 hours to  2 and a half hours.  I seek to continue this extended period of time.  It does require a slightly earlier rising time, but I’ve found that at 5:15 I rise automatically and cannot sleep.  (Granted in the Kundalini tradition the time to rise is earlier, but I guess my bio clock is easing me into it.)

So for me, at this time, advanced yoga practice means an increase in the amount of time I practice kundalini yoga for.  There happens to be boat loads of benefits that come along with an extended practice.  One benefit is that I get to take a meditative mind with me throughout more of my day.

So as you look to advance your practice, search within yourself first, listen and understand what the next best step for you and your Self is.

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