Meditation to Conquer Self Animosity

7:39 am Kundalini Meditations, Teacher Training

We’ve recently been assigned our first 40 day meditation as part of Teacher Training.

I randomly selected the Meditation to Conquer Self Animosity.  Upon selection I thought to myself, huh, that’s an interesting item to focus on, animosity towards myself.  I thought, now come on, I love myself, I certainly don’t have animosity for myself.

Well turns out my ego, has some animosity towards my expanding Self.  This meditation has been brining up all kinds of stuff I didn’t realize was so deeply seeded within.  Then my ego (little e) starts throwing up all kinds of road blocks to confuse me on this path.  I’ll just have to keep  up and see what the 40 days brings.

I do have to say that I love the pranayama, associated with this meditation.  One inhales through the nose, exhales through the mouth, then inhales through the mouth and exhales through the nose.  Following this breath puts the mind into a sublime state.

I’ll be sure to update ya on my experience post 40 days.

Sat Nam

2 Responses

  1. Luisa Says:

    I love too the pranayama of this meditation, but as I have a strong animosity towards myself, like true sabotage behind a smile, I never engaged in a 40 days adventure with this meditation. At the moment I am doing the Kabadshe for 40 days. Very very subtil, not easy for the mind to settle…. but the mantra Sa Re Sa Sa is beautiful!

    Can you please post any feedbacks from your experience? Thank you so much.

  2. hershel Says:

    Sat Nam,

    It was a very soothing and humbling experience. I found it helpful to identify the parts of my-self, little ego, that identify with not liking myself, little ego. So basically my ego didn’t like my ego. There are still remnants which pop up every now and then, but I am now Aware of them.


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