Energetic Update

5:37 pm Spirits Awaken Class, Teacher Training

You may have noted that it has been a while since my last post about Teacher Training.  I’ve been meaning to post, but have been busy with life transition as a result of the training.  This shift implies putting my energy into the new patterns of my life and the updates here was one place I waited on until other items were in order.

I am coming into adaptation of the new energy of my life.

I’ve completed my 40 day Meditation to Conquer Self Anomosity.   It was a powerful experience to complete this.  One thing I learned about myself was that there was a part of me that truly felt, and sometimes still feels, as if I am unable to do “good enough.”  This is the self anomosity part, the meditation brought this piece of me to my waking consciousness, and in doing so I am able to move through this perspective.  I am way good enough, in fact I excel at most everything I do.

I did have an irony associated with completing this practice.  The day after the last day of the 40 day meditation I had a teacher training class.  However, the roads from here to Chicago were terrible and I was unable to make it for safety reasons.  I was really upset about not being able to be there.  I felt like I some what let the class and my teachers down, even though I knew it was for my own safety.  I became angry, you guessed it, with myself.  It was really challenging for me because the group energy provides a sense of security to assist through the transformation process we are all taking on together yet individually.  It was with some kind discussions with my wife Jamie that I was able to overcome the feelings I felt that day of disappointment with myself for not going.  At the end of the day God placed a dangerous road in front of my to get to Chicago, so that I wouldn’t go, He has His reasons for this, and mySelf must simply roll with it and accept them.

You know this group energy is interesting, just prior to Christmas was the Solstice celebration in Florida.   Severa of my fellow class mates attended along with our instructors.  I wanted to go, but it simply was not in the cards this year.  I am hopeful for next Summer Solstice.  The interesting thing is that in the days leading up to Christmas, one day I felt an enormous amount of energy running through me, as if I were doing a bunch of Kundalini Yoga, and the next I became really tired.  It seemed to me as if since a part of my group consciousness (our class) was experiencing Solstice, that in fact a part of me was experiencing it as well.  Which was very cool.  If we take this perspective and extend it to Humanity as a whole, just imagine the good we can do for one another!

I am very excited to get back to class this coming weekend!

There is lots of great work ahead, I’ll be sure to keep ya posted ;-)

Sat Nam

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