Patanjali – 8 Limbs via the Yoga Journal Conference

1:59 pm Raja Yoga, Science of Yoga

At the Yoga Journal Conference, I attended The 8 Limbs of Yoga, the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali, as an all day intensive.  (This is a super late, post, but here it is never the less.)

It was a phenomenal session, put on by some of the worlds finest yoga instructors:

I really enjoyed the session because the early portion of the day did well to stimulate my mental body with the concepts that are communicated in the Yoga Sutras, while the later part of the day facilitate an actual experience on what the Sutras communicate. This was beneficial for me because I had already put some thoughts down regarding my previous thinking along the lines of the Yoga Sutras. Since the session several of my definitions have been updated based on the information that Gary bestowed upon the class.

Gary is a lineage holder of sorts, as in he received a transmission. I fully believe in and appreciate his lineage, (though I need to learn more about it,) for in the room with us was a presence that enhanced Gary’s aura. After class I chatted with him briefly and he stated that a Swami once told him what the presence, or energy was, but that he wouldn’t say. (perhaps someday I’ll gain insight into that energy.)

In follow up posts I am going to post some yoga definitions that were presented by Gary in this session, so stay tuned as they each present excellent perspective on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

8 Limbs: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali lecture notes

Gary lectured on the Yamas all the way through Pranayama. Then lead the class scientifically through a yoga set to demonstrate some of the concepts taught. I really connected with how Gary presented the yoga set, because he focused on the Science of Yoga. The set was specifically applied due to the 2 hours worth of lecture and a few other factors in order to take us through asana and pranayama.

Gary has a wealth of knowledge that he pulled from, including the root meaning of many sanskrit terms. He also noted that terms that make up Patanjali:

Pat- to fall

Anjali- to make an offering

It is said that Patanjali fell into the hands of those who were praying. He fell in the form of a Naga (Dragon) or Divine Being. He was a Naga Raja, the highest Serpent. It is said that the Lord sits comfortably on his belly while the weight of the world lies upon his head.

Enough with the legend, on with the notes. If these seem some what jumbled it is because we jumped around the topics some, with questions being asked and I am also going to be following up with a series of posts.

Through discourse Gary mentioned that there are more or less 3 types of Karma that a human has:

  1. Fixed Karma, that is karma that will not change
  2. Karma that is unlikely to change
  3. And Karma that can change

One concept through yoga is to work on the karma that can be changed. I suspect that via a concentrated effort one can also get into releasing the karma that is not likely to be changed. How does it go, God grant me the Wisdom to change the things I can influence positively, to leave alone the things I cannot and the ability to know the difference, or something like that. Karma

Gary noted that each chapter of the Sutras is written for a disciple @ differing levels of development. (The more I study the more I find that there are indeed many differing levels of development, and that in fact understanding ones place upon the path is of key importance for helping yourSelf and then the group(s) which you are a part of.)

Here I have noted the insights I gained from the session, but for a true experience you really should sign up for a course with these teachers!

This is a scientific approach to becoming more in tuned with your Spirit.

May your Spirits Awaken


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