Developing Intuition Exercise #5

6th Chakra- Intuition, Kundalini Yoga Kriyas, Spirits Awaken Class 1 Comment

How exciting is it that we as humans can work on developing intuition!

Intuition is one of those things that is ellusive to describe at times, yet is known to be a powerful asset for people. There are times when we simply get feelings and thoughts that tell us the proper course of action to take. We don’t necessarily know where the impulse came from, but we know it is there.

We have several descriptive names for it, women’s intuition, mother’s intuition, a gut feeling what ever you want to call it, it exists.  And through Kundalini Yoga we have one means of exercising intuitive prowless.

The Intuition center is closely connected to the Pituitary Gland, or Master Gland.  It is often called the Master gland for it is responsible for regulation of other areas of the endocrine system.

So for our 5th installment of Spirits Awaken class we will be focusing on stimulating our pituitary glands and our center of intuition.  We are going to start with an exercise to charge our magnetic fields, then follow that up with some Power Center work, (helps pull up the gut instict.)

There will be an pose that is very potent at pituitary gland stimulation and immediately after that we will take on a fun exercise to help polarize the magnetic field, or aura once again.

be well


PS- this kriya is taken from the Kundalini Yoga Experience book

Gain Personal Power with Yoga- Class #4

3rd Chakra- Power, Kundalini Yoga Kriyas, Spirits Awaken Class 4 Comments

Let’s face it, the demands of todays society can cause some wear and tear on an individual.

How big is your “to do list?” I am sure there is plenty on that list, one of my to do’s stares at me each time I author a post here, (I have half a dozen blog post ideas saved as drafts, I’ll crank them out in time.)

Instead of focusing on how to relax the body and mind, I thought it may be appropriate to lead a class focused on increasing a sense of personal power.

Personal Power Yoga

In order to gain personal power through yoga we must focus on our core.  We will be targeting our mid section through a series of exercizes, such as leg raises.  There will also be some body lenthening stretches to perform.
This kriya will focus on empowering our navel centers.  Our navel centers are the first point from which we gained nurishment.  The navel is responsible for supplying our bodies with energy.  Our core also serves as a primarly location of physical balance for an individual as they move from here to there.  One could say that our core holds a bit of confidence in it as well.
Many times the stomach aches we experience as a result of “stress” is really just an imbalance in our navel power.  That is to say, a feeling as though we are unable to affect the conditions around us.  Stress is a natural occurance in daily life, in fact it is necessary for survival and growth.  How we deal with stress is another story.

I propose that Yoga is an excellent means of dealing with stress and that personal power sets support this.

Benefits of Increased Personal Power

  • Sense of control in ones life
  • Knowledge to understand how to effect change in ones environment
  • Efficient use of energy, putting first things first and achieving the most important items with exactly the amount of effort that is required
  • Self confidence to communicate with

I do so hope you can attend, this is one of my favorite sets to perform in the morning when I need to have my game face on :-)

Be well


(Class Kriya will be presented from the Master Your Domain set provided by Shakta Kaur Khalsa, in the book Kundalini Yoga, Unlock your inner potential through life-changine exercise. Published by Dorling Kindersley Publishing, 2001)

The Heart Center- Law of Attraction Work #3

4th Chakra- Heart Center, Kundalini Yoga Kriyas, Spirits Awaken Class 9 Comments

This weeks Spirits Awaken Kundalini Yoga class will focus on the Heart Center, or 4th Chakra.
Now the heart center is one of my favorite centers, I know you aren’t supposed to have favorites, but this is the center which is sooo key for balance.
Ones heart center deals with, not only love and relations, but also to abundance.

This set was originally taught by Yogi Bhajan as the Opportunity and Green Energy set. Green the color of money ;-) Now don’t get greedy on me, money is simply a physical manifestation/representation of energy. An exchange of money equals an exchange of energy.
And thus we tie in the title of this and connect the heart center with the Law of Attraction. Any one seen the movie “The Secret” well its not a huge secret anymore. Its a film well worth the time investment. The skinny is that one of the great laws of the Universe is the Law of Attraction. That as conscious beings we are able to attract to ourselves that which we focus on.

And it works, I kid you not.

So here is another little secret, not a secret anymore, a consistent practice of kundalini yoga exercises that focus on the heart center can help one to invoke the Law of Attraction.

This set happens to be one of my favorites, as it provides a well distributed work out across the entire body and is really fun to do.

Good times,

Spirits Awaken Kundalini Yoga Class #1

Spirits Awaken Class 2 Comments

Welcome to my first Spirits Awaken Kundalini Yoga Class.

The benefits of Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga in particular can produce profound effects on practicioners that can be felt long after the yoga class is over.  Kundalini Yoga is well suited for the busy professional.  In this day and age our society has many people feeling as though they are over stressed.  Yoga is a means to workt through this stress in a productive manner.  A consistent yoga practice can help one to emerge victorious over stress, which is a necessary part of life.

The purpose of this class is to get the basics down, exercise the back and lower spine and increase ones sense of personal power.

Yoga Class #1 Overview

We shall start with some yoga definitions, in order to gain understandings of the basics.

We will discuss:

  • Pranayama- or breath control (technically speaking life force energy control, but it relates well to the breath.)  We shall go over the yogic breath techniques of long deep breathing and the breath of fire.
  • Mudra- or hand positions
  • Mantra- the power within words

Then we shall tune in and get ready for the work ahead.

The focus for the class is a Beginners Cleansing Set (taken from Sadhana Guidelines For Kundalini Yoga Daily Practice)  This kriya, or yoga set, faciliates the sense that the body becomes lighter, and the weights of the world begin to slip away.

We will be doing several lower back, spine and stomach exercises in this class.  Many of them focus at our Core, the seat of our Power, or 3rd Chakra.  By energizing our core center we gain confidence in our ability to have influence in our lives and surroundings, it helps tone the mid section as well :-)

The final exercize we shall do in this class shall help us to flick away the stresses of daily life.

I hope you can join me.

Sat Nam

and may this class Awaken your Spirits!