The Human Nervous System and Kundalini Yoga

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Exercizing the Human Nervous System with Kundalini

For this week’s Spirits Awaken Yoga class I am planning a special set, in honor of an out of town guest, (welcome Sim.) We will be focusing on our human nervous system.

All forms of yoga work the nervous system, which is one of the reasons why so many benefits exist from practicing yoga. One of the reasons I am partial to Kundalini, aside from simply being drawn to it, is that through the practice correlations are made between the seven chakras and seven core nerve plexus.

This chart is from the Kundalini Yoga Experience book, one of my favorites.

1st chakra – Coccygeal
2nd chakra – Sacral
3rd chakra – Solar
4th chakra – Heart
5th chakra – Phanyngeal
6th chakra – Hypothalamus
7th chakra – Cerebral cortex

So by working with any pose or kriya we work to stimulate the nerves of the corresponding chakra and nerve centers.

This weeks class will take some extra care to open the heart nerve center.  Strong circulation of impulses through the heart is very important for nerve vitality.

looking forward to the set,

Sat Nam


Tummo Meditation- Fire up your Kundalini

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Buddhist Tum-mo Meditation

I came across this very interesting article from the Harvard Gazette on Buddhist Meditation. Its actually an older article and the results of the study have been around for some time.

The skinny on the article is that a Buddhist monk is able to place himself into a meditative state that allows him to heat up his body to a point where he can make 3X6 foot sheets that were soaked in cold water (49 degrees) produce steam, instead of making him freeze to death.

This specific type of meditation is called Tum-mo or Tummo meditation. Tummo is another word for Kundalini energy, for it is the fire within.  By focusing the mind and tapping into the power of Tum-mo (Kundalini) the monk is able to heat his body beyond normal levels.
The doctrine of the Buddha teaches that sufferings comes from attachments to impermanent objects. And that one can work to free themselves from attachment by following the Middle Way. From this space thoughts pass, events occur positive or negative, yet the mind remains free.  The Buddha follows the path of Wisdom, while Christ follows the path of love, yet they are two perspectives on the same energetic source.

As those of you that follow this site may know I have been proposing some interesting experiments on how to test the validity of chakra energy healing. Such as:

But here we have a real live scientific example on how the subtle realms and meditation can be brought into physical reality and measured. (I think the scanning insturments used in the study have several additional implication for testing.)

Over the course of the next few years, more and more studies such as these will be done in order to satisfy the Western scientific brain.  Which is all honesty has a right to be satisfied.  These will be only the beginning of this line of scientific discovery and will lay the foundation for the true science of the soul, Raja Yoga, to test its validity and value.  The energies of Aquarius carry with them the conditioning required to create proof of the human soul.  What an exciting time we live in :)

Gotta give a shout out to make money, for the article forward.  He located the article via,a Super Article.

Note to Daniel Tynski (author of the super article) While the ability to create steam from cold sheets drapped around ones body, may seem like a Super Power, to quote B.K.S. Iyengar and Patanjali, “these are simply the finest powers of nature.”  In truth the ability to create the steam is a by product of the level of attainment a specific unit of consciousness has achieved.  Levitation is another naturally occuring power in nature once a certain level of consciousness is reached,  most people know this power to be walking on water.

Liver Cleanse Kriya- Cleansing via Kundalini Yoga

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In honor of my recent visit to Golden Bridge, and class with Gurmukh, class this week will focus on a Liver Cleanse Kriya “Let the Liver Live”

I was very blessed to have been guided through the rather challenging set from Gurmukh. A commonly known thing is that the liver is responsible for the detoxification of the human body, alcohol is a common forign element that is detoxified with the Liver.
Gurmukh mentioned that the Liver tends to be the holding ground for all body toxins. And as such negative energy tends to get amassed in the Liver.

With the transition from Winter into Spring we find ourselves at a prime time to detoxify the body, and thus the work at hand with this lovely Kundalini Yoga set.

Liver Cleanse Kriya (Yoga Set)

In order to help facilitate the health and detoxification of the liver, we have got to stimulate the organ. This kriya places the body into positions that allow for natural pressure to be placed on the liver and excentuated via pranayama.

This set also helps to stimulate the nervous system.

During one of the asanas my body began to shake after holding the posture for a decent amount of time. The shaking, I believe, was the result of the detoxification process occuring through my system. This helps to build the system back up properly.

Liver Cleansing- Body Maintenance

So the liver is super important for a person’s health and well being, but WOW do we take it hard on our livers. I mean, I went to college, the balance of our social gather’s have alcohol integrated into them in some shape or form. Any alcohol consumed promotes strain on the liver.

In I perfect world I’d tell ya this and you’d all work to reduce your alcohol consumption. But, that may not be a realisitc approach at this point of time, though you could give it up for Lent.

So, that leaves the choice of performing regular maintenance on this important body organ. And by my view on things Kundalini Yoga, and specifically the Let the Liver Live kriya, provide the optimal means to achieve this healthy maintenance of the liver.

Here is to toxin free bodies!!

Be well


Thyroid Disease- Kundalini Yoga as Preventative Maintenance

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Thyroid Disease

It has come to my attention that a good number of individuals suffer from Thyroid Disease, of some sort or another, and it appears as though women are more likely to have difficulties than men. Weather it is an underactive thyroid, or an overactive thyroid the imbalance in the endocrine system is simply devistating to ones health. This ailment faces my mother and one of my co-workers as well, so it really hits home for me.

As I work through my studies of Kundalini Yoga I am researching the human endocrine system, and outlining some thoughts for chakra-neuroendocrinology, (a science that the yogis have understood for some time, but requires additional Western study.)

My study now takes me to the Thyroid. I seek to gain an understanding of its function and make the case for Kundalini Yoga as a Preventative Maintenance program to keep thyroid disease and disorders away. (Yoga is a maintenance program for the body, mental, emotional and spiritual, as well, but let’s stay focused on this aspect for the time.)

In my previous post on chakra-neuroendocrinology I referenced a resource book that is helping me understand the system. My high level overviews of the tyroid, based on the book, and other insights are as follows:

The thyroid is related to the 5th chakra, or center of communication located around the throat. It is good to keep in mind that the element associated with the 5th chakra is ether. Technically speaking all of our chakras are rooted on the subtle plane of the ethers and bridge the vital gap into physical manifestation. But the 5th chakra is of much interest to etheric relations. It makes one ponder upon the etheric implications of under active and over active 5th chakras.

The human thyroid is the gland that is very closely associated with metabolism. “A primary role of the thyroid is to increase energy expenditure and thermo-genesis.”
That being said the pituitary gland, (or Master Gland,) is responsible for stimulating the thyroid hormone secretion. An imbalance in the thyroid or pituitary gland can lead to challenges in the system.

Hypothyroidism- Underactive thyroid

This implies an individual has thyroid hormone levels that are too low for proper flow in the endocrine system. A common cause of this is the presence of antithyroid antibodies. A common symptom of this is sluggishness, (yoga helps make the body move.)
Hyperthyrodism- Overactive thyroid

This implies that an individual has thyroid levels that are higher than appropriate for the proper flow of energy. There are technically 2 types of this disorder, the type that is caused from within the body and the type that is caused from outside of the body. A common symptom of this is weight loss. This dis-ease can also lead to increased speed in mental processes, but with the propensity to create errors within the thinking. Again, one cause of this is a mis-aligned anti body within the system.

Preventative Thyroid Maintenance

It is my thinking that Yoga, (I am partial to Kundalini but all forms of Yoga are appropriate,) is the optimal means of preventing thyroid disease and disorders. It’s kind of like a car, one takes in their car on a regular basis so that maintenance work can be done. The result of this maintenance is a car that runs smoother, lasts longer and is less likely to die on you. The same is true of the human body and they thyroid.

Kundalini Yoga provides lovely specific means to maintain proper balance within the thyroid. The best way to cure thyroid disease is to never allow the root cause to develop in the first place, thus I stress maintenance.

Food that nurtures the Thyroid

Eating the right foods is also important for proper flow through the thyroid.  Mark Hyman M.D. has noticed that thyroid disorders are on the rise, and he brings an interesting and valid perspective as to the cause.  He focuses more on the environmental and dietary factors that enter into the thyroid system:

“For example, food allergies, like sensitivities to gluten and other foods, also negatively affect thyroid function-and are frequently undiagnosed.  Likewise, deficiencies in nutrients important to good thyroid function-like selenium, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids. and iodine and tyrosine-can trigger thyroid problems.”

Fight Thyroid Disease

Mark Hyman has very sound tips for fighting thyroid disease.  I would suggest that we focus on preventing them in the first place.

But if you find yourself in a situation where you need to fight the dis-ease review his suggestions and might I suggest integrating a strong Kundalini Yoga practice into your life cycle.

I have another future proposed test for testing the validity of healing via chakra-neuroendocrinology. There are a couple tests that can be done to measure the levels of thyroid hormones in ones system. I propose a controlled test with 3 groups:

  1. Group of people with over active thyroid (n=60)
  2. Group of peoplw with under active thyroid (n=60)
  3. Control group (n=60)

Measure the levels of thyroid hormone prior to testing. One half of each group will live out their lives normally, or under go the typical Western treatment. The second half will practice Kundalini Yoga on a Daily basis with a strong focus on 5th chakra exercizes and a little 6th chakra work here and ther. (We could add thyroid specific eating into the equation at a future date perhaps.)

I find it interesting that one of my first major energetic blockages in this life time, that I was consciously aware of, was in my throat center. (Sarah, thanks again for the release.)

The timing of this post is also rather interesting, as I am 18 days into a 40 Kundalini Yoga kriya that focuses on the 5th chakra.

It is my sincere hope that this info gets shared with others.  Should you know someone that may benefit, please pass this along to them!  Please let me know what you think of this article?

I hope it is of value.

Sat Nam


Visit to Golden Bridge & Class with Gurmukh

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I had recently read an article about the Golden Bridge Center in the Yoga Journal. Reading through the article I thought to myself, “Wow, this center sounds fantastic!” In digging through the story I began to think that Madison, and other cities would do well for a healing center such as this. I can’t wait to visit there sometime.

It would seem as though the magical process of manifestion has been quickening for me.

I am fortunate to live a life where I travel from time to time. And this time I am fortunate to have happened out to the West Coast with my beautiful soon to be wife, Jamie.

While out in CA we decided to take a class with Kundalini Yoga instructor Gurmukh. The journey through the Golden Bridge Center was nothing less than absolutely magical. There is a presence that resides in a healing center that emminates a sense of well being, and this force was very strong here.

Here’s a pic of me outside, waiting with anticipation
Hersh Golden Bridge Yoga
This was my first class with such a large group, and as such I was ever so excited for it! Group consciousness and practice allows for a deeper practice. The sacrifice, (make sacred,) of the self for the benefit of the group is divine indeed.

From the first moment we tuned in, my consciouness was lifted. The group sounding forth of the mantra elevated the spirit in just a few moments. (I wait with anticipation for the next large group class.)

We focused on the Liver, and detoxification. The work was very challenging, yet rewarding at the same time.

I am super pumped to take another class with Gurmukh. After class we went and introduced ourselves. Gurmukh is a kind humble lady, a true mark of a great teacher, she asked us where we were from and chit chatted with us for a while. I informed her that I was an aspiring Kundalini Yoga Instructore.

After class they served salad and rice, which was yummy and healthy. It was nice to socialize with others that shared in the lovely group experience. (and they get to benefit from that experience all the time!)

Here is my future bride inside Golden Bridge, stunning scenery
Yoga Pose-Jamie-Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge journey reinvigorated my committment to Kundalini Yoga. When the soul speaks to you and confirms that you are on your path, the experience is not to be ignored. I shall be focusing some energy on achieving proper certification.

I purchased another Chakra Book to add to my collection on the way out, “Your Life is in your Chakras, by Gururattan Kaur Khalsa. I can’t wait to dig into the materials

We closed class with a lovely group meditation song of (care of Yogi Bhajan via Gurmukh);

I am Beautiful, I am Bountiful, I am Blissful.

I am, I am.

Sat Nam


For Health and Wellness Create a Wellness Room

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The purpose of this entry is to inspire health and wellness.  The truth of the matter is, there are several small things that can be done to help foster both.  I came across this great little article via Beliefnet.

A high school in Camden Maine has created a wellness room.  I mean how simple is that “This is a Wellness Room”  By its very nature it will faciliate wellness.  This high school took it to the next step and have several students trained in Reiki, so that they could help facilitate the work of wellness.

It has been said that there is Good Will and the Will to do Good.  However, the Will to do Good tends to be more challenging that Good Will.  I think this simple concept of a Wellness Room is a small act of the Will to do Good.  I also believe that a series of several small acts such as these add up to a rather large sum in aggregate.

I shall create a Wellness Room in due time.

Well done folks, well done.