Improve Mental Health With Yoga

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Mental Health Balancing

Begins: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 at 11:30 AM

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In order to improve mental health, I believe that one can leverage the benefits of yoga.

This week’s Spirits Awaken yoga class will focus on Mental Health Balancing and take us through a series of poses/breathing exercises which will facilitate increased mental clarity and a improved mental health status.

Top 7 Reasons Why Yoga Improves Mental Health:

- Physical exercise, increases the heart rate
- Endocrine system stimulation, improves glad function and hormone balance
- Oxygenation of the blood stream
- Alignment of the bodies subtle energies
- Group activity/practice is good for the soul
- Provides a feeling of accomplishment
- Meditative state of mind reduces stress

I greatly look forward to the day when an individual approaches their doc and says, “I want to improve my mental health” and the doctor prescribes yoga practice as a part of the treatment and for ongoing preventative maintenance.

Might I suggest picking up a yoga practice today to start improving your mental health. (and attending the class)

Yamas Definitions

1st Chakra- Root, 2nd Chakra- Creativity, 3rd Chakra- Power, 4th Chakra- Heart Center, 5th Chakra- Communication, 6th Chakra- Intuition, 7th Chakra- Divine, Raja Yoga, Science of Yoga, Yoga Glossary No Comments

The 5 Yamas are essentially restraints upon the Raja Yoga path.

I’ve been defining them here over the past several months, so I thought an overview post would be in order.  I shall also provide a little perspective on how the Yamas interact with our chakras, please note this perspective is generated by my intuition.  I welcome feedback.

Ahimsa- Non-violence.  I believe non violence works to properly balance our third chakra because we do not force power over another by practicing.  It also inhibits the creation of a certain type of karma that is typically viewed as negative karma.
Satya- speaking about what is true. My perspective is that this balances our 5th chakra, or communication center.  For when we speak about what is True, in the True sense of the matter, we are sending forth a powerful positive vibration.
Asteya- non stealing.  I believe this is another means of balancing our power centers.  Here we are only using the resources which are rightfully ours.  I suspect it is when the survival or 1st chakra is out of balance that the urge to steal comes to being.
Bramacharya- moving toward Brahma.  From a conservation of sexual energy perspective, I believe this balances the svadhisthana chakra.  From a moving towards God or Brahma perspective, I would say that the 7th or Divine Chakra is utilized.
Aparigraho- non grasping.  The center this focuses on is not obvious to me, I would say if one truly knows themselves they are centered in themselves, and perhaps this type of centering is the work of the heart chakra and perhaps ones mind stays within and does not attach itself to the external which would seem to be a function of the third eye.
These 5 together make up the Yamas.  The Yamas should be practiced as one of the steps of the 8 limbs of yoga.  We find within them very clean means to balance the chakras.
May the yamas server you well.

Aparigraha Definition

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Aparigraha is defined as non grasping.  It essentially is saying do not get distracted.  The opposite of aparigraha is when you are established in yourself you know very well who you are and no longer grasp at other things, or get distracted.

Bramacharya Definition

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The definition of bramacharya is to move towards Brahma.

Typically in yoga context it is expressed as meaning to be mindful of sexual activities, however, the word does indeed mean to move towards Brahma.

One of the means of moving towards Brahma is to live a balanced life and have more energy, which is why mindfulness of sexual activities is often emphasized.

Lemurian Scrolls, by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, defines bramacharya as the practice of celebacy accompanied by the performance of sadhana and adherence to dharma.

Stress Reducer- Kundalini Yoga

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Kundalini Yoga is absolutely a must as a stress reducer!

I honestly can say that within Kundalini Yoga for the past 3 years I would not be where I am today as an individual. The stress would be entirely too much. I use my morning practice, Sadhana, as a continual stress reducer.
Just the other day after a stressful day on the job, I decided to come home and sing some mantras for a while. In less than half an hour my aura was strengthened and my well being improved.

I just read a great article in the recent edition of the Aquarian Age. The article speaks about managing stress through yoga. More specifically it sites several studies that have been conducted on the benefits of a regular yoga practice for stress reduction.

Info of note from the article includes statistically relevant improvements in perceived stress, stress behavior and exhaustion.

Gotta give a shout out to Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School (and Director of Research for the Kundalini Yoga Institute)

Yo, professor, if you got any more studies comin up, please let me know if I may help facilitate them in any way?

As a stress reducer, Kundalini Yoga rocks!

Sat Nam