Kundalini Yoga Day 2 Class

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This past Saturday, we had our second teacher training class.

I am extremely grateful for the Shabad Kaur and Shiva Singh for their expertise in leading our class on this journey.

Shiva Singh plays the guitar and tuned us in with Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo as he strummed along.

Did you know that it is said, that from time to time when Shabad Kaur speaks, those with 3rd eye vision can actually see the vibration of the Words she sounds forth.

At the end of the last set, during relaxation I heard the words, “You are focusing on the what, focus on the how.”  The voice is correct, I tend to always think about… so what is going to happen once my chakras are open, the Ida and the Pingala are working in line with the Sushmuna the energies will mix the Kundalini will rise and then we have a type of enlightenment.  I was focusing on the result, the what, instead of the How.  Focus on the How and the What will take care of itself.  The how is what a teacher must understand in order to relay wisdom to a student.

We got to hear some great stories about Yogi Bhajan during class.  It would have been an honor to have meet him in person in this incarnation, but I am not too concerned.  Like Obi Wan Kenobi, he informed his students that once he passed he would become even more powerful. Yogi Bhajan is still Mahan Tantric and as such he teaches through his subtle body during all White Tantric sessions.  I suspect he teaches through his and his teachers’ subtle bodies to this day.
At the end of the class, some of our mentors joined us for a group meditation. The mentors as a group carried with them a very strong energy/radiance, it was very kind for them to offer their assistance to help us integrate into the Kundalini Yoga community.

I must say that this program brings everything up to the surface in ones life, it can be somewhat frustrating to face all your issues over a successive period of time.  However, kundalini yoga provides the means to become victorious over these issues.

My practice still remains strong, this morning I performed a full Sadhana.  While chanting Wahe Guru a strong energy vibrated powerfully up through my head.  I suppose performing a full Sadhana is an excellent means to focus on the how!

Sat Nam

Advanced Yoga Practices

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The concept of advanced yoga practices must always be taken into consideration along with the current progress, level of evolution, of the student.  An advanced practice for one individual may simply be to execute all yoga exercises for their required period of time, or the incorporation of pranayam more scientifically into a practice.  I think it is important for seekers to focus more so on what the next step is for them, and less on the “give me the secret advanced yoga practices.”  For me my next step was to take my teacher training classes.
As part of my Teacher Training program I am working to deepen my practice, and so one may say that it is advanced from a certain point of view.  I am advancing from my previous level of practice.

One area I am advancing in, has been the length of time I practice for.  Previously my practice would last every morning between 50 minutes to an hour and a half.  This week, I’ve seen it grow to 2 hours to  2 and a half hours.  I seek to continue this extended period of time.  It does require a slightly earlier rising time, but I’ve found that at 5:15 I rise automatically and cannot sleep.  (Granted in the Kundalini tradition the time to rise is earlier, but I guess my bio clock is easing me into it.)

So for me, at this time, advanced yoga practice means an increase in the amount of time I practice kundalini yoga for.  There happens to be boat loads of benefits that come along with an extended practice.  One benefit is that I get to take a meditative mind with me throughout more of my day.

So as you look to advance your practice, search within yourself first, listen and understand what the next best step for you and your Self is.

There is a Way Through Every Block

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The second Aquarian Age Sutra is- There is a way through every block.

In this Age the blocks are many.  Individuals receive pressure from their work environments, their families, their friends, and society as a whole.  This sutra is powerful because it provides a mind set of how to approach blocks/pressures in ones life.  We are given obstacles in life so that we may overcome them and grow from the experience.  A sound knowledge and belief that there is a way through every block provides us guidance and persistence to work our way through these challenges so that we may progress as individuals and as souls.

Sometimes I like to view spiritual progress as a series of plateaus one must reach along the path.  There are several steps leading up to each new plateau, but in order to take the final step before the next great plateau a large block is placed in the way.  This block must be overcome before spiritual progress may unfold upon the new plateau.  The new plateau represents transformation in ones life.

The process of self transformation into Self represents a large block, to many, in and of its own.  There is a way through every block, and thus transformation is activated and achieved.

I suspect there is something to be said for understanding diagonal energy and utilizing it to support ones way through the blocks in life.

Saucha Definition

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From Patanjali’s sutras Saucha makes up the first of the Niyamas.  I should note that in traditional context, Saucha is actually one of the 10 Yamas.

Saucha means cleanliness, not only within the body, but within ones environments and between relationships of individuals.  It is said that ones surroundings reflect the energetic organization that exists on a spiritual level around an individual, or group.  Physical cleanliness is simply a manifestation of a spiritual state of being.

Preventing Heart Disease; stop Dis-ease

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Preventing heart disease would be a powerful step for humanity as a whole.  Just take a look at all the heart disease medicines there are out there, all kinds of pills to treat all kinds of symptoms.  But treating the symptom does not get at the root of heart disease.  The root of heart disease is truly the dis-ease portion of the term.

As humans matters of the heart have a profound effect on us all.  Difficult situations, emotionally charged incidents that pull on our hearts cause dis-ease in the mind and dis-ease in the body.  This dis-ease over time develops into disease as we typically call it.

So a strong way to prevent Heart Disease, is actually to stop dis-ease within ones heart.  How do we do this?

We must actually go into the emotions, experiences and situations which have caused dis-ease and release them from our energy field.

My first day of Teacher Training, helped to bring up some energetic dis-ease in my heart and throat center.  This dis-ease was present before training and is something that I must work through.  The training simply pulled the dis-ease up a level in my consciousness so that I can work through it.

I’ve started with a Disease Resistance Kriya and have integrated some lions breath pranayama.  I intend to experiment with a kriya for Heart, Shoulders and Circulation as well to aid in my healing.

The purpose of these exercises is to get to the root of my dis-ease, so that I may transmute it and be healed.

If you are looking to prevent heart disease, then might I suggest picking up a Kundalini Yoga practice :-)

Mens White Yoga Pants

Krishan Singh 9 Comments

Does anyone have a good recommendation on where to find mens white yoga pants?

I have found, in the past, that it is challenging enough to find mens yoga pants for purchase.  At the moment more women tend to practice yoga.  I suspect more men will come to yoga over time.

I was able to find my mens white yoga pants at Macy’s, but they are actually pajama pants ;-)

Someday I’ll find a solid supply and let ya all know :-)

be well,

Krishan Singh

Day 1: Teacher Training Class

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What an incredible journey I am in for. I just had my first Teacher Training class.  It was more or less a get to know and understand the course day, but it was extremely educational.

Here are my esteemed Teacher Trainers, Shabad Kaur and Shiva Singh.

Shabad Kaur Shiva Singh

The wisdom from which these two speak from is extremely profound.  Both individuals studied closely under Yogi Bhajan for years.

Shiva Singh speaks from decades of experience.  Shabad Kaur teaches with authority yet subtle nature.  I am truly blessed to be training under these individuals.  The space which they hold at Spirit Rising has a vibration all it’s own.  (Thanks for the teaching!)

Here’s a pic of me after my first day of class, if you zoom in be sure to check the light in the eyes, for that’s what Kundalini Yoga can do for an individual.

Krishan Singh

I hope to get a group shoot of my training class in the future which I will be sure to share.

A few take aways, I’ll note to help commit to memory:

  • Alternate nostril breathing coordinates activity on the opposite brain hemisphere
  • Keep the palms together while performing Sat Kriya to properly circulate energy, a trick is to roll your elbows towards each other
  • We are in a transition stage out of the age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius, it is a difficult time as noted by the media in society
  • I noted the concept of “Atomic Light Bulbs” for that what we can become from a certain point of view
  • All humans are equal in Nobility, and from this an appropriate means of relations develop
  • The Teacher Trainers work to bring the Ancient Teachings alive again (what an honor)
  • We must learn to work from the meditative mind and assess our actions before we take them

There is a profound sense of respect for the teachings and the body of knowledge that is to be communicated to and through the students.

I must admit, the subtle teachings available in the room are very profound.  At times during the practice I heard with my inner ear, “straighten your neck”, a presence guiding me through my soul.  It was quite the experience.

I have started into the text book, and in the first two chapters alone the depth of information has been spectacular.  Simple reading the words on the page and reflecting upon them is a Spiritual act of yoga.

Sat Nam

KRI Teacher Training

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I am super pumped, because my KRI Teacher Training Certification program begins this Saturday.

If you have been keepin up with me here, you’ll know that I have been an apprentice of Lisa Lawrence of Madison, for some time now. After years of practice I have come to the realization that it is time for me to deepen my study so that I may be of more service in the future for those whom I teach.

I begin training this Saturday at Spirit Rising Yoga, in Chicago. It is an intense program and is just the discipline/learning experience I am looking for. I intend to keep you all updated right here as I embark on this new step of my journey.

I have a first homework assignment, which I will share with you.

Describe my hopes and expectations of myself during the training program. What are my primary reasons for taking the course?

First, and foremost, I intend to be true to my Self. Not just my personal self, but my higher Self as well. I believe that this training and educational process will provide a unique opportunity for me to align my higher self with my personality so that I may more fully express my soul purpose here on Earth.

I expect that I will perform all homework assignments powerfully and appropriately. I expect that I will deepen my Kundalini Yoga knowledge and experience, while integrating that wisdom into my understanding and journey of Raja Yoga.

I expect that I will learn, and be able to communicate, the scientific approach to unification with one’s soul, using Kundalini Yoga as a technology platform.  I expect that I will be able to incorporate this information into a future, transformational manual which will be leveraged by humanity to further our evolutionary process here on Earth.

I am taking this course, to deepen my yoga knowledge, understanding and practice.  I seek to deepen these items so that I may be of increased service to others, now and in the future.  I hope that a public archive of this journey will be of value to individuals in the future looking for personal growth.

I am taking this course to heal, I am taking this course to grow, I am taking this course to be of increased service.  May it ever be so.

Automn Equinox- Energetic Shift

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The Automn Equinox brought with it a powerful energetic shift this year.

I witnessed it first hand in my life and the lives of many around me.  I personally noted the most powerful shift around me on September 26th, the day of the full moon.

Guru Rattana, Ph.D., of YogaTech comments on this shift:



The Sun moves into Libra the moment of the Autumnal equinox September 23. The Full Moon closest to the fall equinox is called the Harvest Moon. This year the Harvest Full Moon is in Aries. The Aries Full Moon illuminates the changes that have transpired in our lives since the last Full Moon/lunar eclipse and the last New Moon/solar eclipse.

Eclipses signal major changes and transformation. Everyone I have talked to has experienced some type of significant shift in their lives. What has shifted in your life? The Aries Full Moon helps us see more clearly what we need to do to integrate the changes and to move forward.


My change, or shift has occurred in the office.  It is encouraging to understand that the Aires full moon helps point the way for the integration of change.  I will feel most pleased at the end of next week when the integration has completed itself.

Have you noted any shifts our changes in  your life recently?  Drop us a comment…