40 Day Sadhana is Complete

7:29 pm Teacher Training

I completed the 40 day Sadhana as part of our teacher training course, wahoooo!

I learned that it feels great to accomplish challenging changes in lifestyle.  I still need to practice a perfect 40 day Sadhana, but the stepping stone is in place for it now.  I learned, or rather was further reinforced, that Kundalini Yoga is an appropriate path for me.  I also learned that as our classes’ group consciousness is for real and it is strong.  

One take away from the 40 day Sadhana experience that I absolutely prefer a group experience when doing the Aquarian Sadhana.  I absolutely love the group energy which is extremely motivating..  As mentioned in class I did come to really enjoy Japji and have added it into my daily Sadhana.  Through the teacher training I’ve come to realize the importance of meditation and have added meditation of some kind to my regular Sadhana practice as well.  The 40 day experience was truly foundational, the foundation could use some resealing again in the future, but it is strong.  Now every morning I get to continue to build upon this foundation and get deeper with my practice of Union.

good stuff!


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