Snatam Kaur Concert, Chicago IL!

6:09 pm 5th Chakra- Communication

I’m pleased to share that Snatam Kaur will be performing in Chicago Illinois, on March 27th.

At times like these I wished I lived in Chicago again.   I hear that everyone who attends her concerts are changed.  In fact one of my fellow Teacher Trainees mentioned that the reason he signed up for the course was an experience from a Snatam Concert.

March 27th 2008   7PM – 9Pm

General Admission- $25

Portage Park Center for the Arts
3914 North Menard Ave.
Chicago, IL 60634

Call Spirit Voyage Music 1-888-735-4800



Snatam Kaur is one of the most popular New Age artists of our time, selling over 50,000 albums a year.

“We come to Snatam’s concerts to experience a beautiful atmosphere her voice creates, to heal and to grow.”

Check out her audio clips, here.


As my yoga instructor Shiva Singh likes to say, “no one regrets participating, just missing it.”

Sign up today! 

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