White Tantric Yoga, Good Times!

7:08 pm Teacher Training

My First White Tantric Yoga Experience

This past weekend, my karma was gracious enough to bless me with the experience of White Tantric Yoga!  (The whole karma concept is truly facinating, I often wonder how was it that the individual karma of all class participants brought us together for the experience.  Then the concept of past lives comes up and the mind truly begins to turn.)

As part of my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training requirements I participated, with my lovely wife Jamie, in White Tantric Yoga in Chicago this past weekend, along with my fellow trainees and other blessed individuals.

White Tantric Yoga, not to be confused with Red or Black Tantric Yoga, is a powerful group experience which allows participants to release karmas, (those little karma strands that hold one back from soul purpose.)

Here’s my understanding on how it works. Class particpants sit in rows of partners, there is a male side and a female side, for some polarity balance I suppose, but it really doesn’t matter if same gender folks participate together.

A series of White Tantric videos were produced while Yogi Bhajan was still in his physical body.  One of the videos is played for the full day meditation course.  There is a course faciliator, who tunes into the energy of Yogi Bhanjan’s subtle body.  Yogi Bhajan’s energy, through the house of Guru Ram Das, then faciliates the exchange of energy within the group.

The energy moves in a diagonal manner, angles break up energy, through the group breaking up karmas and providing healing.

For this course the longest meditation was for 31 minutes.  I was actually prepared for 62 minutes, so this was like cake for a first experience.  (It does help if one has a regular meditation practice.  I could hear Guru Raj Kaur’s voice saying, “neck lock,” and was like praise the lord for neck lock during 31 minutes of meditation.  This was the largest group I’ve practiced kundalini yoga with thus far, and I was diggin on the group energy.

Here’s a pic of me in the middle of the day.

White Tantric Yoga Krishan Singh Pic

On the way home from White Tantric, I felt as though my frontal lobe had received a nice cleansing.  New regions of my mind were more sensitive to my awareness.  (Makes sense as Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness.)  My ajna center got sparkly through the process as well.

They say the transformational process takes 40 days to integrate into ones being.  I just want to work at keeping the vibration within my being.

If you get an opportunity to participate in White Tantric, I highly recommend it! 

For me, I say bring on a Solstice celebration, if I don’t make it there in the Winter of 08 I’ll be there Summer 09!

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  1. Aruna Says:

    Sat Nam – Congratulation on completing your first Tantric. Ours is coming up in a couple of weeks in Toronto and I hope we have all 31 minutes too.

    My first tantric experience was in New Mexico at Summer Solstice. It’s a great retreat if you can go there.

  2. hershel Says:

    Sat Nam

    Thanks for the congrats. I’m still integrating the energy. I started another 40 day Sadhana which has been beneficial to keep the Spirit alive.

    I do intend to make Solstice either this year or next!

  3. esra akpinarli Says:

    I would like to take Tantric Yoga classes in 2008 summer. Do you have any programs for that?

    Thanking you,

  4. hershel Says:

    Check out the White Tantric website for a schedule-


  5. arleeno Says:

    what a truly entrancing blog you have here.

  6. ahmed Says:

    iwana learn more about yoga

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